Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shomin Sample Chapter 18

MEGA | IRC: !sample18 | Read Online

Joint project with DKThias and Norway Scan.

A thanks to Conexão Diária Scans for helping with redraws.

New series pickup time! Due to the group hiatus of Loli Brigade Scans, they passed on their projects to other groups, and we'll be working on Shomin Sample alongside DKThias and Norway Scan. It's a manga I really tried to do back when they first picked it up, so I was pretty excited to be able to finally work on it. The artist is Risumai, the same mangaka for another series of ours, Juukinzoku Kanojo, which everyone will be seeing more of soon enough.

Chapter 19 is translated and clean. Needs redraws and script has to be PRed, but release for that should be pretty quick if 18 is any indication.


  1. thanks for picking up this series

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Hope that with 3 groups working on it now releases become more frequent.

  3. Many thanks for pickng up this series!! :D

  4. YAAAA!!! I really like this series, glad you picked it up!!

  5. I just noticed you are using the magazines raw just like Loli Brigade Scans did, if you want I got Tankōbon raw up to volume 5. Leave me a message if you are interested.

    1. Yes, please consider using the volume scans that are floating around on the net. (Not for the colour pages, obviously.) Apart from not having all that horrible text on the title pages, there are all the extras (er... none in the current volume, mind you), and the artwork is, on occasion, decensored. Though they didn't decensor this chapter, which is perhaps just as well...

      Also, looking forward to seeing more of Risumai's work.

  6. Thanks for picking this up.

  7. Was hoping you would take it :)

  8. Thanks for picking this series up, really love the manga!

  9. Were the oh my dayum references you guys or were they already there?