Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shomin Sample Chapter 19

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Joint with DKThias and Norway Scan, and thanks to Conexão Diária Scans for helping with redraws.

This is being released a bit later in the day, as I didn't know immediately when it was first ready for QC, and I had to wait on Demo to get a handful of lines checked. So, here is chapter 19 of Shomin Sample. ap has most of the chapters almost up to the latest translated, and DKThias is cleaning chapters at the rate of basically one a day with chapters 20-22 and 31-32 clean so far. Typesetting gets done pretty quickly, so it's mostly just a matter of the redraws getting done. Given the rate at which everything else gets completed, releases should continue to be fairly quick.

As far as volume or magazine scans for our scanlation of the series goes, we will be sticking with magazine scans. I won't leave out the possibility of coming back and re-releasing chapters by replacing the pages with noticeable differences between magazine/volume scans down the road however.


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