Friday, July 31, 2015

Yumekuri Chapter 33

IRC: !yumekuri33 | Read Online

Here's Yumekuri 33. Chapter 34 is translated and partially clean, so that'll be out son. Ikebukuro 12's redraws are complete, and the chapter is clean, just waiting on vhirx to finish typing up the script.

The b/w redraws for Mushoku 11 and 12 are both complete as well, but the color redraws for 11 are not. The color spread is all that remains. Admittedly, I completely forgot about the short side chapter (10.5), along with 14, until I noticed the folders in my download folder earlier today. So I got the redraw pages for those cleaned and sent off right away.

Unrelated to Yumekuri, I just found out a little bit ago, that Yui Daisuke's original (not Hatoko-san) manga after Perowan!, is getting an anime adaptation that will be airing next fall. So that was quite surprising to see.


  1. Don't want to be a bother but was wondering what is going on with Shomin Sample?

    1. Like most of our series, lots and lots of cleaning in preparation for many/big releases.