Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mushoku Tensei Side Story

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Here's the short side story (10.5) of Mushoku. 13-15 are still being redrawn, but those shouldn't take much longer to get out either. Also, for those confused by how short chapter 12 was, yes it was actually that short. It didn't have the end chapter box and text like most chapters do as it was published in an issue of the magazine where it had two chapters.

Will be getting an iShoujo chapter out later today at some point as well. Ikebukuro 12 is also coming but that probably won't be this weekend as there are a few things I need to fix on it. Not gonna take me long to run through the things I can work on, so hopefully before then I'll have my files back. I found out the minimum cost for that recently and I died a little. This crap a'int cheap.


  1. damn it why are there so few translators out there =_= can't some scanlators make money on this ?

    1. It's not even remotely legal to do so.
      Mangastream does via their ads and barely skirts by a subpoena because they only host chapters of the latest few of the bigger series.

  2. Tks a lot mate. Looks forward to those next eps.

  3. When's the expected date for release for chapters 13-15???