Sunday, January 1, 2017


Derek has disappeared without warning again, in case it wasn't obvious. The last message of mine that he's seen was at the beginning of November.

If he shows up again, he'll be alone. I'm not going to deal with this nonsense anymore.

I apologize to anyone who liked our series as much as I do, and who have been patiently waiting for us to start back up. I'm going to enjoy reading our series on my own in Japanese but I'm not going to give Let It Go any more work that wasn't originally their burden and I have no intention of cutting into my already busy schedule for that anyway. The one exception to this is Yumekuri, which appears to be winding down from what I've seen in the raws and wouldn't be too hard to handle once other staff is freed up at LIG.

I'm not done with scanlation entirely; I'll just be working primarily with Let It Go, Psylocke, and others for their series.

More than anything, I simply hope that at least some of the series we've touched are worth picking up by American publishers. They're worth bringing to a paying audience in my opinion.

Enjoy the rest of the manga online and buy whatever you feel is worth your money/subscribe to services that make the translation industry worth investing into. And, uh, happy new year.


  1. But he does get comment alerts from Blogger, so maybe if I post one here he'll see. Worth a try if I can keep a friend.

    1. It's all anyone can ask. Thanks for your hard work, it was much appreciated :)

    2. Demo, I spoke to Derek about finishing Puppy Lovers, but as you say, that's going on six months ago now......if you're interested in finishing that series I'm more than willing to handle everything but the translation on it, either through my group, a collaborative, however.

      Derek said the only holdup was the double page spreads, which I can do with no problem (already did 4 of the 5 for Derek for that matter).

      Please let me know if you're interested, either here, the user name svines85 on batoto, or email at :)

    3. Once I get my massive translation contract and a few other jobs for other groups out of the way...maybe.

    4. That's fine, I understand, just let me know :) (oh, you can get me on Manga Updates too, same name :D )

  2. Thank you for all your hard work :)

  3. It is hard for you. Thank you for a lot of work.
    Happy new year.

  4. Thanks for all the hardwork!

  5. Really sad even though I never really read any of the releases, just a few, for some reason I always would come back here to see what you guys were up to. Really sad to so it go down this way.

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