About the group
Renzokusei Scans is a group dedicated to picking up dropped and stalled manga, or manga that's out in Japan, but has yet to be picked up. Our group's name, "Renzokusei" is the Japanese word for "Continuity". Too many manga get dropped and left in scanlation hell, and as an avid manga reader myself, I decided to dedicate the group to these types of manga.

We are a group that does not shy away from joint projects, as our goal as a group is simply to get manga out to the readers as quickly and as high quality as possible. Should any group be interested in a joint project with us to help with one of our series or your own, just contact us.

As our ability to find manga that lives in scanlation hell is limited, a requests page exists for readers to suggest to manga to pick up. Several of our series that we are doing and plan on doing came off of requests from readers.

Contact Us
E-Mail: renzokuseirecruit@gmail.com
Twitter: @RZKScans
Discord Link