Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haruwaka Chapter 2

And chapter 2 of Haruwaka is here! I wanted to get this out yesterday, but this chapter had way too many redraws for its own good.

Purr-Nyan is going to be translating this series for us now, and not just chapter 1, so this is now a real joint between Renzokusei and Village Idiot.

I've created an IRC room for the group, #renzokusei @ There you'll be able to download and read all releases first, as it's always the first place I upload to.

Mediafire | IRC: !haru2

Once again, this series is NSFW.

Seven Sisters 3 will probably be our next release.


  1. It's really good so far. Finally a no-wimp male lead in a romance-ecchi manga. Thanks for your hard work!!