Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amagoi Chapters 7 - 9

Chapters 7 - 9 of Amagoi! Chapter 7 and 8 were already released by IDWS, however chapter 9 was not, so it is our first release of the series that had not been previously released. Chapter 8 and 9 were real fun to do. I feel like I've digressed in my redrawing ability after going through chapters 8 and 9 of this.

Anyway, enjoy the chapters! 3 chapters left until the end of volume 1.

Chapter 7 - Mediafire | IRC: !amagoi7
Chapter 8 - Mediafire | IRC: !amagoi8
Chapter 9 - Mediafire | IRC: !amagoi9

Kitsune no Akuma raws have arrived. Was told he'll start scanning them tomorrow.

Four chapters released in one day! \o/


  1. nice oh btw whats the summary of kitsune?o.O and are you guys still considering oda nobuna series?

  2. Still on the possible projects list for now.

  3. ok cool xD i just got the vol 1 raw of both oda nobuna from jcafe and other site i forgot the title

  4. Thank you for the amagoi releases!!

  5. Thanks for the Amagoi releases. I love this series, and it always seems to get dropped every year or so....