Thursday, July 5, 2012

Omae wo OTAKU Chapter 0 (Pre-Serialization)

Release #4! On July 4th! Originally yes, this was going to be Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, but instead I had cloud the typesetter for it redo it so I didn't have much to change for it, while I worked on this and the v2 of chapter 1 of Sakurasou (which will come with chapter 2). As stated before, starting from chapter 1 Omae wo OTAKU is a joint project between this group, Renzokusei, and iMangaScans. We are releasing chapter 0 ourselves because we already had it translated and proofread, and I did not want to waste the work already done on the series. A note page was attached in the release as well, for those that do not visit the site, but simply read.

Thanks to Kurosagi for translating this for us, and look forward to whatever series he decides to translate for us next! \o/

Anyway, enjoy the chapter if you've yet to already read it, or if you're just rereading it!

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I promise, this time, Sakurasou is actually next up! They are coming up! Just need quick QCs and all done.

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