Friday, July 27, 2012

Soukai no Eve Chapter 10

Here's our second chapter of the survival series Soukai no Eve! As stated previously, this manga is now complete at chapter 17. Which means we are 7 chapters +1 extra away from completing this series. Cleans are in progress between myself and renkindesu for the final 8 chapters. So the speed at which we release ultimately depends on when PROzess is able to translate the final chapters.

I was originally going to include PervySageChuck's "translation" of the end page this chapter, but as I said before the redraw is a bit difficult so it is not in this chapter. It will find its way into one of the releases before we finish the series, just not this one.

This is a joint project with PROzess.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Omae wo Otaku chapters 1 and 2 are up next finally. The redraws for this have made me just a bit more insane. After that Amagoi 12 will make its appearance at last too. Nogizaka Haruka 13 will end up somewhere in the release schedule in the next few days, too. Kurosagi tells me he will have chapter 2 of Hagure translated this weekend. Kitsune 4 redraws are complete. MoonWind will commence cleaning once he has completed cleaning Haruwaka.

The Kashiwagi 35 scans are still MIA, but they normally won't come this early anyways. The newest Comic Alive issue is now out in Japan. Meaning that Otaku Ch3 and a new project of ours, Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu Ch0 or 1 is out. It'll be about a week or so until Toast gets his copy of the magazine, but we'll have both translated before-hand thanks to public scans.

schthaxe has put in the order for Kashiwagi volumes 1 and 2, Choi Hime volume 1, Sora no Manimani volume 9, and Amagoi volume 4. This means, we will be able to finish the Amagoi series, and with great HQ scans, too. Choi Hime and Kashiwagi v2s of volume 1-2 are now on hold until the tanks arrive and they are scanned/uploaded.

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