Monday, July 23, 2012

Soukai no Eve Chapter 9

Here we have the release of our 15th different series, Soukai no Eve, chapter 9! This was just recently dropped by Death Toll last month. I got the request to continue it from the head proofreader over at DT, and the person who proofread the series there, PervySageChuck. This was another series we just kinda lucked into, as PROzess agreed to continue translating it for us mere hours after I first received the request. Starting from chapter 10, we'll also be borrowing yet another member of Death Toll that worked on it there, kabuto93, who will be typesetting it for us. Would've released this last night/this morning but I passed out while finishing up the last pages, so it had to wait until I woke up.

This is considered a joint with PROzess, but he has no real site or IRC room himself so can't really put anything on the credit page like I usually do with joints... lol. Regardless, it's shown in the file name and on the upload to Batoto.

Enjoy the chapter!

Mediafire | IRC: !soukai9
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PervySageChuck did another one of his own "translations" of a page for this chapter, but it wasn't included due to the page requiring difficult redraws which I wasn't willing to do for this chapter. I'll be including it in chapter 10, though.

Sora no Manimani chapter 23 and Amagoi 11 are up next. I don't know which will be the next one out, but both will be out tonight/tomorrow morning. Nogizaka Haruka 13, Perowan 7, and Omae wo OTAKU ch1-2 will follow suit in the next few days.

A reply to dos' comment to my "Slight Delay" post can be found after the jump.

I appreciate the advice! Though, it is something that has been said to me more than a few times by some other people I know in scanlation. And while I appreciate the advice, it is not necessary.

For those not already aware, I do not only do work for my own group. I'm a member of SimpleScans, CXC Scans, Japanzai, and Life4Kaoru currently. I was also a member of Village Idiot Scans and did work for PROzess early on in the group's history, as well as a random QC for Extras.

It may look like we are taking on a lot, and yes, there are a lot of projects for the low number of staff we have, however, it is not an issue that some may believe it is. Our current staff count is numbered at 13, not including myself. We have 3 translators, 5 cleaners, 4 redrawers, 2 typesetters, and 1 proofreader. This however only includes actual members. We currently work with and contract out to 11 other people, that are member so of other groups, but do work for us.

I am a person who currently, has unlimited free time. This leaves me available to every job required for scanlation, except translating. I am currently teaching myself Japanese, to do that, too. So, even if it was just myself in the group like it was at first, everything on that list would still get released as promised, if there was a translation script for me to work with. I wouldn't list, or promise something if it isn't at a stage where I know it is going to get released, within the given time frame. Everything of mine is now backed up on an external, so even if my current laptop is to go kaboom on me again, I will be able to access any computer, continue work there, and continue releasing.

As far as joints go, joints really are not as messy as some would like me to believe. Yeah, there was the mess with IMS, but that's the only bad experience we've had yet regarding joints. Also, of all joints currently in progress or scheduled, the brunt of the work would be done by RZK, and not the other group. Basically meaning there is almost no chance of the joint breaking off unless the series that the group primarily belongs to wishes to cut it off for other reasons.


  1. Dude!!! You're SLOW!! BE PRODUCTIVE..... i want more manga.. dammit

    1. Go soak your head. Learn Japanese, photoshop and get some crazy amount of time to do something that will not give you anything in financial meaning.

      To RZK: thank you for your work, please don't mind the heaters and fools!

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    Oh you!

  3. >Derek member of life4kaoru...

    Oh you!

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