Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 34

It's been 3 weeks, but here we have our first release in way too long! This is the first of at least a dozen different chapters that can be expected from us in the next week to two weeks. I will be working over time, as in losing quite a bit of sleep to catch up on the dozens of chapters and series I have to work on that piled up during my absence.

Anyway, this chapter is once again focused on Sayaka and Kazuki, and once again is another absolutely hnnng chapter. The last several pages really makes it. The chapter isn't completely devoid of Kotone this time, either \o/. Seems we'll probably get back to the main relationship really soon.

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I'm going to bed now,  but Onii Ai Chapter 1 will be released shortly after I wake up given how short it is. Should be at least 3 releases today, if not more. So \o/


  1. cant wait for more releases from tonari no kashiwagi, ty renzokuseiscans :)

  2. yay! direct link to batoto! so useful!