Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Indefinite Hiatus

I stated in my previous post that we would still be active, and that was the plan at the time, but it's become heavily apparent that as much as I love scanlation and wish to continue doing it, I no longer have the time to do so. Getting a job and better life does that, but I digress. So, largely due to a lack of time, Renzokusei and myself will be going on an indefinite hiatus from scanlation. It does sadden me that this is what it's come to, but it was inevitable and it happened at a convenient time, anyway.

If any other group wishes to get some releases, we have some scripts lying around that I don't mind sending out, and the raws are easily available.

Choi Hime Ch3: Translated quite a bit ago, and you can get HQ scans by contacting schthaxe.
Nogizaka Haruka Ch13-18: Also translated a bit ago, and the scans are publicly available on several sites.
Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku Ch2+: Chapter 2 was translated for us a while ago, and Kurosagi agreed to continue translating it, so if any other group wants to continue the series with his translations so you don't have to settle with the other group's cringe worthy releases, I don't mind being the middle man.
Sora no Manimani Ch23: This was translated some time ago. Raws are publicly available.

Some more stuff after the jump:
Gonna respond to a few of the comments in the previous post before taking my indefinite leave.

1. "Yeah, that's why you were kicked out of Simple-scans and Japanzai. Because they like you."

Actually, quite a few members of both groups still consider me a friend, and I've talked to them frequently. Just because a few admin(s) from them didn't like what happened and kicked me does not mean everyone does.

2. "I told you that you are not allowed to use the translation of SnE 10,5 and Cock Robin 5.
Any release of Renzokusei will be considered a steal and won't make it up on mangaupdates.
SnE is in the hands of Death Toll now. They have permission from me to use c10.5." 

Oh you and your entitlement problems. And I told you that I was going to end up releasing them, if I wanted to. The only reason they weren't, is because I didn't have the time to. And I honestly don't care if something released by us makes it onto MU. A release is a release, and people who read the series will find it regardless of something posted on there.

3. "Join another scanlation group (VIScans) but doing work improperly and only active for recruiting people inside there. When iMangaScans people know your bad attitude and kicking you, you launch attack for your anger to VIScans by deleting all of their works and files. This is far worse than a group steals another group's work without permission. SHAME ON YOU !!!

You have made some scanlation group include your ex-staff become your enemy by doing that."

Like I said before, I did no work improperly at VI. I was active quite regularly in VI, and I did not recruit anyone in that group. Purr-Nyan came to me about doing Haruwaka after I asked. That was the only person in that group that did any work for this group that was a member of VI. I did not "recruit" any single person from any group I was a member of that was not willing and had the time to do any work.

You can think whatever you want... but that last sentence is completely false. :)

4. "You misunderstand, VIS, Japanzai and Simple didn't "steal" projects. It's simply because ex-staff from here brought the projects they were working on to other groups.
Don't bother working on Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne as they have been brought over to VIS by your ex-members.

As a sidenote, ZeroDC stepped down as he had planned a long time ago."

You don't quite seem to get what stealing a project actually is. Renzokusei (at the time) was still considered an active group, and all projects at the time were still considered ongoing and work was continuing on them. So whether someone from my group went to another group about doing a project of ours is irrelevant. Especially considering that every member except 2 was something other than a translator. But again, I digress. As I said previously, I do not care why or if another group starts taking on a project we were doing. In fact I'm all for it. I want the manga we were doing to be continued, though it does sadden me slightly if it's going to be done poorly.

Oh, I'm well aware. It was no coincidence it was done when it was.

5. I'm sure you wont read this, but I might as well. It's one thing that they're taking up the manga that you so started up again. However they are not stealing projects from you, they would have not taken up the project in the first place if it were not worth the time and effort to do so. In that case, it's not really stealing.

On the other hand, you have been making attempts to take members who are already crunched on time and energy working on existing projects to help you do your own. That in itself is stealing people from a group.

While it's not a bad thing, and it really means less work for you to do, it's only bad for people to take up a project and half ass them to the point where the results are bad: the translating, the typesetting, the editing, etc.

However the result is still this, while they have taken up projects from you, that in itself is good. What's bad for you is that you probably didn't get the work force you needed, and most of the people who were with Renzokusei may have left, (looking at the status updates, it's obvious that they have). 

The result is this, you've been inactive for 3 weeks now, projects will slow down significantly, you will significantly slow down projects where you will barely squeeze out maybe a chapter per month (maybe faster, maybe slower, too soon to tell), you're probably going to release in bulk, which many fans are not impressed by (we're already irritated by the 3 times it's happened), your team is going to slowly leave you because IRL is always more important than working for manga (and even harder to keep up for a leader that might backstab them all). You'll go on "break" for a 6 month period, in which baka-updates will mark you as an inactive group, and then you'll abandon these projects by shutting down this group, making all that you wanted: "to bring manga projects back from the dead", rot back into hell. For that, you have failed us all

You clearly don't know what project stealing is.

As said before, I did not make any attempts to hire someone as staff who was not both willing and had the time to do any work I had asked of them.

No work for Renzokusei was ever "half-assed". It was done to the best of the ability of the person, at the time.

Assuming I was able to continue doing work, the only thing that would have hindered continuing some series as stated in the previous post was lack of translator and/or MQ/HQ scans.

I love how you're speaking as if you represent every single person who reads a manga we released. Pretty funny. Renzokusei is not ending as a group, while we are going on hiatus, we are not going to die. I will come back to scanlation when I have the time, and I will continue and recontinue series when I do.

6. "Will there be any more Sora no Manimani scans? Got all the raws if needed."

We have scans for all of the volumes too. Assuming that this is not picked up by another group whenever I come back, we will resume it again.

Some more series updates
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Dodge Stratus Cancerlations (oddly named after a random car...) released chapter 3 of this. It seems they might plan to continue it, and it also seems VIScans might be doing it, but I don't know for sure on its long term status.
Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne: Seems VIScans is doing this too?
Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!: I find it hilarious now that IMS believe us to no longer be active that they have ignored this series. Chapter 3's been out for just over a month now, chapter 4 just came out, and yet chapter 3 still remains unreleased. I may release chapter 3 of this (as it was cleaned and redrawn a bit ago) just to get a 50th release for the group. After that though, you can enjoy their... subpar releases, I suppose.
Who Killed Cock Robin?: Chapter 5 was released solely by KISS. Don't know what's happening with it after that.
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Chapter 13 and 14 were released by Pinoymanga, so you can go there, sorry that it was picked up by such a D-Grade group, but can't do much about that.
Soukai no Eve: Chapter 10.5 was released by DT & PROzess. Don't know what's happening with it after that.


  1. Good riddance! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. I'm glad you are able to move on into more pressing real life issues and I wish you the best.

    Whether or not you did bad work, or "stole" staff is of no matter to me or the rest of VI. The point still stands that what you did was childish and rude.

    That being said, we all do things like that on occasion, and moving on is the best for both sides. You had some really neat series, and they will hopefully be able to be continued despite your absence.

    Side Note: Zero WAS stepping down long before this incident occurred, and your actions played no part in his decision. I don't know if that was what you were implying, but if so, you are wrong.

  3. 'bawww i still has no frens'

  4. Me again. #5. I am speaking from experience. Just mine. Dozens of groups just shut down because of irl stuff. While I can't argue against that, because irl more than anything should be more important than scanlating several chapters of manga. More often those groups close without any prior warning, so I give you props on your admission of the hiatus.

    I know what stealing is, and I know what project stealing is. I just dont classify project stealing to be really stealing. It's a pain in the ass when another group does, but what are you going to do? Copyright it?

    As for stealing members, I'm pretty sure the staff came willing, what I'm saying now is that they are going to leave you eventually.

    Also from my experience, there is no such thing as a HQ scan. Just regular quality scans that need to be cleaned and edited... which takes up a shit ton of time, but that's just me sucking at editing.

    I dont represent any person, group, or team, but it's pretty obvious that this "indefinite hiatus" will last more than a few weeks, or months. Most groups who admit to a hiatus usually end up saying that they'll shut down. Hopefully you're not one of them. Then my prediction will be pretty much the same. Your staff probably will forget that they were working for you, your break will mark your group as inactive, and then you will leave a message saying that you will have to shut down your group. I'm just saying, You're gonna fail us.

    Prove me wrong. No seriously, prove me wrong, it'd make me happy to see you back, would mean you're honest. Indefinite or infinite. Come on.

  5. well.
    what's with amagoi and sjiveru?

    1. He started up school recently, told me beforehand he'd barely be able to get the time to translate anything.

  6. Oh, I'm sad hearing this, Derek....damn real world...

    Ohh, I forgot that I should prepare to work next week :P

  7. well this sucks...

    atleast you fulfilled the group‘s purpose... to continue series that has been dropped...

    groups begin to pick up their dropped i dont know if this was really your plan from the start ^^¡

    well good luck in your real life

  8. why nit make another scan group like lolohyou scans??? haha

  9. Im just gonna write what everyone is thinking xD would this have happened had you not done what u did (delete all that shit and stuff)?
    It looks like u will focus more on real life just because this mess happened, i might be wrong and all xD but its funny cause it does give that impression.

    1. The group's wouldn't have gone on hiatus, no. I would've just been around to lead the group rather than do all of the work.

    2. oh well... that makes sense. anyways if u ever can (or want) to come back to scanlation, please do... remember theres lots of people who dont care what happens between scanlation groups, and theres also lots of people who forget fast xD

    3. I'll be back, and I'll be bringing Renzokusei back too. I don't know when I'll have the time to bring it back, but Renzokusei is far from dead. No drama is going to end this group, no matter what it is. Whenever the group is coming back, I will post letting people know, though of course at the same time I'll have release(s) ready, so it won't be a limited few to find out.