Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pajama na Kanojo. Final Chapter

And another series reaches its conclusion! I was really hoping to have this done last month, but it just wasn't in the cards. Either way, the series is finally done.

There is a 2 page omake at the end of volume 3, and I know roan translated it, but I just can not find it on my computer nor in the emails we exchanged back then. So, for the time being it is not in the release. I will add a separate download for it once it is complete as well as upload it to Batoto.

Once again, the series' continuation and completion would not have been possible without roankun!

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | Read Online

I actually got a few emails and some comments from people about BHH's Hentai Ouji release, which surprised me a bit. Worry not, as ch15-17 of the series are coming real soon.


  1. Wow. Thanks to you guys are Renzokusei Scans, but goddamn. That ending was awful. Seriously? I realize this was done by a porn artist, but c'mon. I've seen oneshots with better endings.

  2. Thanks :D
    But Is It Possible For You Guys To Do A Repack Of All The Volumes?

  3. Very, very cool. Thanks a lot for this great manga!!

  4. Thank you very much for finishing the series guys...
    And the tribute page to all the scanlators was a really cool thing you did...Appreciate it very much :)