Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Projects

This is an update specifically for new ongoing/planned projects. Everything can be found after the jump. This also lists a bunch of series that we're interested in and probably will end up doing.

New Planned/Ongoing
Avatar - I've wanted to do this for quite a while. Though given that it's a manwha, public raws are nonexistent and I didn't really know any K>E translators, so could never really get anywhere. Enter my seemingly random connection with MangaPirate. They will be purchasing the tanks for us, and doing the translating, while we do the editing. I have no real time table as to when the releases will start coming, but it should be February.

Billionaire Girl - The first time I checked in on this series, it was still on its hiatus. I didn't find out it came back until last month some time, and just recently I found that Kanapox, of Animexis is subscribed to the magazine. I contacted her, I'm assuming Kana's a her, to try and work something out so we could get scans for the series. Instead, we worked out a joint, as Billionaire Girl's a project she's been wanting to do, but had no translator for. The exact details as far as who's doing what haven't been ironed out, but chapter 6 will be coming soon as a joint between RZK and Animexis.

Hakoiri Devil Princess - The first request I got for this series was from ultimas. And after just saying I might do it he kinda kept bugging me about it. There are only 5 chapters left until the end, which is largely the only reason we're going to be picking it up. Although it is a series I once read myself some time ago, and do like, I completely forgot about it until ultimas first started talking about it. As it's a series so close to completion, we are once again borrowing roankun to finish the series out.

Kigurumi - This is an awesome new manga that me and jagman1x3 just completely stumbled upon. It's a new serialization, started in the last issue of Miracle Jump. The only reason we found it is because I asked jag to buy the issue for me, to get HQ scans for the last chapter of Kimi wa Midara. The artist is Shizumu Watanabe, the mangaka for Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu and Shisunki no Iron Maiden. This is what jag was saying about it as he was looking through the mag:

jagman1x3: dafuq
jagman1x3: theres this new series in miracle jump
jagman1x3: theres a girl with a zipper instead of an eye
Derek: wat
jagman1x3: and when she unzips it, a giant stuffed bunny comes out to beat shit up 
jagman1x3: its beating up a giant teddy bear atm
jagman1x3: with a baseball bat

No Game No Life - This is a new series that is starting up in the next Comic Alive issue, released at the end of January. I originally wasn't too interested in the series until I talked to Sasuke706, or ER, one of our raw providers, about the series, as he said the light novel was pretty interesting. He had posted that he was going to translate it as well, so I asked him to do it for us as an RZK project. So, we will be doing this series. First release will probably be early February, unless we don't run into any major problems as far as the translation and color pages go.

OZ - This is yet another series we are doing from the magazine Comic Alive. I received the first request to do this series from Aurega, and had a few other requests to do the series after I had mentioned I was a bit interested in completing it. Originally though, we weren't going to be doing it, as there were no public scans available for the series for what wasn't already scanlated. Then, continuing our rather good luck, once again, ER came to the rescue and said he already had volumes 3-6 himself, and would scan them for us. I don't know when exactly we will start doing this, but the first release should come later in the month.

Sorairo Square. - I've more or less just gotten fed up with World Three and Sorairo Square. I contacted them 3 times several months ago about the series. I was told each time that the staff was away, but they would be back soon and releases would start coming again. And it never happened. Contacted them twice more in November and December, no response. Didn't see another release from them until unc15 released chapter 5 and 6 of his own accord. So, after he joined us, we more or less put it in motion that we'd be continuing it. We're buying the tanks, and will be continuing and finishing the series out. We'll be releasing chapter 5 and 6 with the original TLs that unc did, with better editing first.

Soutaisei Moteren - This is another series that ER referred me to. I had never really heard about it until last week, but after he explained to me what it's about and I took a look at the first chapter, I knew we had to do it. It is done by the same author as Kampfer and Sexual Hunter Riot, and the artist of a long complete manga, Dr. Rurru. Which is a manga I quite liked. Chapter 1 to come later this month.

Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life - unc15 brought this series to me. It is a borderline-H yuri manga. I typically don't really seek out borderline-H manga, much less yuri manga to do, but it's something he really wanted to do, and I wasn't going to deny a request from the guy who's basically the reason we're able to do so much currently. Though I can't say I'm against doing a borderline-h yuri manga... lol. unc15's bought the volumes himself and will also be the scanner.

Asa Made Jugyou Chu - I'm not really too sure about this one. While I'm certainly somewhat interested in picking the manga up, I am slightly hesitant to do so at the moment. As far as I remember, the scanlation is only 1 or 2 chapters behind because the manga skips a lot of magazine issues, so we might, but not too sure how the public interest in the series is.

Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora - The only reason this series is not already being done by us is because it has an absolute ridiculous amount of hard redraws in the series. I'm talking redraws like the ones that I haven't done in the chapters we've released of Hagure Yuusha. Several of those. Every chapter. Which is weird because it's a supernatural rom-com, not a shounen battle manga. Regardless, we will likely be picking it up along the road some time, as it's a Suu Minazuki manga, and that guy knows how to make good manga, and I want to do one.

Going along with Suu Minazuki manga, we are also interested in Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Kosumasu and He~nshin!! - Sonata Birdie Rush. Particularly the latter since it's complete.

Kampfer - I've been interested in doing this since I started my first pursuit of starting Kitsune no Akuma, but at the time the series was being scanlated, even if it was changing hands. Since the previous group, 13th Hour, seems to have died, I'm going to look into doing it a little bit more.

Kitsune no Yomeiri - This is an oddly high requested manga of recent. It's something I read myself before, but long forgot about it due to iMS dropping it. It's already basically a planned series, but I'm not going to put it down as planned just yet because it will be a little while until we start on it, and it's possible some other group may grab it before we do.

Koimoku - I've gotten a few requests to either pick up and finish this manga, or contact FTH and work out a joint with them. While I'm certainly interested in the manga and want nothing more than to see it completed, at the moment it's not really feasible. If for some reason, down the road, they still need a translator for the chapters, I'll probably contact them about it, but for now, we won't be. Though whether they want to work with us or not is a completely different matter, since there are still some people and groups out there who won't.

Puppy Lovers - This is a project of Manga Heaven's that I quite like. It seems the group itself is nonexistent since Souldrake disappeared, which more or less leaves most of the group's projects in complete limbo. Volume 2 is already out, and there are more chapters available after that as it's an ongoing serialization. My biggest issue with grabbing this is that it's full color. I am absolutely terrible with color. Just terrible. So, unless someone who is good with color joins RZK, chances are the continuation for this will have to be done elsewhere. 

Sai:Taker - Futari no Artemis - My main interest in this series is largely because it's an Im Dal-Young manga. While I know most people do not like him very much, I happen to like most of his manga, and have wanted to pick up something of his for some time. I was originally going to grab Freezing months ago, but then Emeraude went on its release spree and FTH has since released quite a bit trying to catch up with them, keeping their rather good quality in the process.

Urara-chan no Naka no Hito - This was the manga that preceded Seigi Nara done by Rin Sanada. I'm quite interested in doing it, and we will likely be doing it at some point. The series is only 10 chapters away from completion. Assuming no other group picks it up before we do, we will be picking it up for completion sometime down the road.


  1. dang thats a lot of projects. good luck.
    cant wait for billionaire girla and OZ.

  2. - Yuricam
    - OZ
    - Soutaisen Oteren
    - Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

    And Kigurumi, but just for the lulz.

    Love you guys <3

  3. Hey, member of FTH here. Just to update about Koimoku, 19 is currently at typesetting and 20 is in translation. You'd have to talk to someone else about if either of those are stalled, though.

    As for Asa Made Jugyou Chu, it is being released in English as "See Me After Class" (and incorrectly labeled as an H-manga...). I just wanted to mention that in case that affects your decision (and yes, I know that not everyone is in America).

    1. May as well mention that I'm behind Puppy Lovers, Kitsune Yomeiri, Goudere, and Devil Princess (why Broccoli, why?)

      I don't know enough about the other series, but I read most of what you release, anyway. :)

  4. thanks.
    waiting for oz and Billionaire Girl.

  5. I want to give you my first born child for considering picking up
    Sai:taker (just finished re:taker the prequel to this I am now a fan of im dal-young)
    Asa made jugy Chu
    Yuricam (which is LOL....and hot)

  6. Woah~ That's a hell lot of new project~
    Supporting Asa Made (cuz I'm not American), Kitsune no Yomeiri, Sai:Taker, Kampfer, and definitely 3 cheers for comic alive manga/
    4 thumbs up for U~! U guys cool (>,<~)_b

  7. I've take a look at Kigurumi from my friend who subscribed Miracle Jump, and yes they're amazing (That Bunny Mascot :p)! Actually I was hoping that you'll do Nyaruko-san or Misako, but it's still a good news that you'll do that series.

  8. May I suggest as an alternative Amazume Ryuta work if Puppy Lovers color pages prove too difficult to work around; Happy Negative Marriage? The group a-team was working on it but they haven't released a chapter in over a year and I think it deserves to be picked up by someone else, and you guys might be perfect for scanlating it.

  9. I just wanted to request Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. Getting an anime this season, and no one's translated the manga :(
    Chap 1 is for grabs at Club Sunday :D