Friday, February 15, 2013

Nozomi to Kimio Hiatus

So, I'm talking to ER getting the preorder ready for this month's stuff. This month I was going to start getting Shounen Sunday S, the magazine Nozomi to Kimio is in. However, upon further investigation, we found that the series hasn't been in the magazine since the issue released in August, the issue chapter 9 was in, meaning it hasn't been in the magazine for 5 months now. There's something in the table of contents in the September issue for the series, but it says "『ノゾ×キミ』コミックスのお知らせ". Means something like "Nozo x Kimi manga announcement". What exactly it's announcing, we have no clue. Only way we can find that out is by purchasing that exact issue, which I'm not too inclined to do just for some news, as it's not particularly cheap to add another mag to the order.

So, unfortunately, I can only really conclude that the series is on a hiatus right now. We'll be keeping an eye out every issue to see when it comes back, but have no real indication when that will be.

As far as chapter 9 goes, it has been translated. We'll be coupling a v2 of chapter 8 with it using the tank scans to get rid of all the annoying ads in the chapter. Will come next week, but when exactly I don't know since I go back to work full time on Monday.


  1. Thanks for info. By the way, I saw raws of extra chapter of "Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou" on jcafe. Will there be release of that chapter by Renzokusei? Or any other extras (including tank ones) in the future?

  2. Renzokusei will be releasing the extra chapter.

  3. Yes we are doing the extra chapter. That's what the "Bangaihen" refers to on the release schedule and on the project page.

    I'll be purchasing the tank once I'm able to, and if there's any extras in it that aren't scanlated we'll do it, but no idea if there will be.

  4. Maybe due to the release of the final volume of Nozoki Ana coupled together with the OVA, the author was busy planning/working on that and put Nozomi on a hold for a while.

    Well, good for you that you arent really behind on it now^^

    1. Hey... Uhh.
      Your groups webpage disappeared.

      Did something happen?
      Your group seemed to be a fairly good group, so I was saddened to see the page vanish (Albiet, you work with enough groups..... That I guess I need to specify Janpanzai.)

      If your site is gone, I do hope that you get a new one up and available soon!

    2. and nothing of value was lost

    3. No. I was so sad when hearing this :(