Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Renzokusei Update II

Probably going to be the last overall update for a while. Like the previous one, this is an update for the group as a whole, not just projects. Everything can be found after the jump.

Renzokusei Website
I've been thinking for quite a while now that Renzokusei needs to get an actual website, rather than using Blogger. The biggest reason for this is that Blogger has a limit of 20 "pages" per blog. And given that we've got over 40 projects ongoing and planned, plus completed series, I'm essentially going to have to make a third blog just for project pages. It gets fairly annoying having to do that.

So, we are looking for someone to help us out with that.

The Logo and Banner
I threw the new banner together real quickly, but I like it and will probably keep it for some time, assuming that I can never get someone who's actually good at graphic designing to help create a better one. Accordingly, the credit page, and Reader's Choice page have all been altered.

The bird you see there is a phoenix. Why a phoenix? Because a phoenix is synonymous with resurrection, and well, that's what the group is all about, we bring back manga from the dead.

For a while, I really had no intention of ever adding a donation button or anything, but in these past couple of months I've been contacted more than once about people wanting to donate, which surprised me quite a bit. After thinking about it for a while, decided I might as well. We're never going to actually ask people to donate. If people want to, they can. Any money that is donated will only go to purchasing magazines and/or volumes for scanlation.

This is just something I randomly decided to do. Though I have had a few people ask me about creating a Twitter or Facebook account in the past. I went with Twitter over FB because I despise Twitter less than FB. Anyway, you can find our new Twitter here. Every new release will be tweeted there, as well as any important information in the future.

The Projects
As of right now we have 36 ongoing series, and another 10 announced planned projects. Between now, and whenever I do return to work full time, on January 18th, we will be making our main priority finishing and catching up on as many series as we can.

Amagoi - This project is on hold until I obtain the final volume and get it scanned.

Billionaire Girl - Chapters 7+ haven't been scanned yet. Don't know when exactly they will be, but once we get the scans translating and editing will start.

Choi Hime - This project is on hold as well until the volume is scanned. I have it myself, but I can't scan it, gotta wait until I get my own scanner.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - Chapter 18-21 are typeset. Up to chapter 24 is translated. Going to see a bunch of releases of this in February. We'll be using HQ mag scans from ER starting at chapter 32.

H₂O - Footprints in the Sand - roan's got exams right now, and has little time for translating, so 6+ aren't translated yet. Gonna make sure we have a few chapters ready for typeset by the time he can get back to translating, though.

Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku - I can't say for sure when more of this is going to come from us. I know Kurosagi is/was away on a business trip, but he never told me when exactly he'll be back. I've been somewhat considering leaving the series to AFS alone, since they're for some reason, really stuck on trying to take the project from us. Even if they still seem to have no idea what they're doing.

Hakoiri Devil Princess - We probably won't be doing this project anymore. roan's got exams which led to him not really being able to translate much at all in January, and Sense randomly released a new chapter recently, and roan doesn't really like getting involved in stuff like that, so he probably won't want to translate it anymore.

Harvest December - Like said, roan's got exams at the moment so chapter 5 hasn't been translated yet. It's clean/redrawn, ready for typeset, so once it is we'll have it out pretty quickly.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. - Chapter 18 just came out in January's Comic Alive, so we're 2 chapters behind again. We'll be catching up on it this month.

Houkago Wind Orchestra - Chapter 6 is completely typeset. It hasn't gotten roan's QC yet, and it still has redraws left, but it'll be out soon.

Hyouka - Chapter 4 is all clean and ready for typeset. After that, I'm going to have to purchase the other two volumes. Though probably going to have to search for a new translator, as the last Chinese scanlated chapter is 5, and Viscoun is a C>E translator.

In Bura! - We're two chapters behind on this one. I have scans for both chapter 10 and 11, and fluppi is, as far as I know, translating the both of them at the moment. He said he'll do them, and I sent him the scans, but when I get the scripts is unknown. Really hoping to get them both out this month.

Juukinzoku Kanojo - Volumes 2 and 3 have been purchased, and have been shipped. They will arrive sometime this upcoming week. roankun's only going to translate the rest of the first volume.

Kaitai Shinsho Ø - Chapters 64 to 67 are translated, and all of the chapters are clean. Chapter 64 and 65 are typeset, and 66 and 67 are being typeset. So assuming the last 2 are translated soon, the series' scanlation will also be finished soon.

Kanokon - The last chapter has been translated, it's also clean, and 1/3rd has been typeset. Will be out tonight or tomorrow.

Mayo Chiki! - The release speed of this more or less depends on simhauu's translator, ChaoSpectre. Once we do get the translations for chapters, they will be out fairly quickly after that, but I really have no indication of when I may get more scripts.

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo? - This series was supposed to be out last Christmas. What's holding up now both chapter 1 and 2 is the color spread at the beginning of chapter 1.

MM! - Chapter 8 has been cleaned, and is partially redrawn. It'll be released this month some time, but the chapters are going to be on a provisional basis until we get a full time translator for it, and not just a temporary. It's going to be a joint with Neglected Scans, assuming their leader keeps in contact with me after chapter 8.

No Game No Life - Chapter 1 is in the latest issue of Comic Alive, which just came out, and work has started on the chapter. It will be released soon.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - I found a script from Ethan of an extra chapter in the volume that wasn't released by Pinoy, so that will be our next release for the series. My original plan was to try and finish it last month or this month, but probably not going to happen.

Nozomi to Kimio - Volume 1 has been ordered and has been shipped, will get it this upcoming week. Volume 1 contains chapter 9, and probably some sort of extra at the end. I will be subscribing to the magazine it's in starting this month or next, so that when volume 2 comes out, and we buy it, I won't have to worry about buying back issues, since the volume should have 8-10 chapters in it.

Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - From now on, when we release Onii Ai it'll be in batches of 2-4 chapters every time, depending on the size of the chapters. We're doing this because the series quite regularly has chapters that are very short, and I don't see much point in releasing a new chapter that's just 6-8 pages long by itself. There's also quite a bit we have to figure out ourselves, since Comic Alive and/or the mangaka seems to have made several derps regarding the series chapter numbers.
Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi - Chapter 3 is translated and cleaned. It's got several harder redraws than normal in it, but it's still a relatively short chapter so it'll be out real soon. Also, found out that the serialization ended a few days ago. For some reason, the last "chapter" that was in the December issue was just announcing that it was ending. The actual last chapter is 15.

OZ - Update: We will not be doing it. We'll be leaving it to Mixini.

Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai! Goshujinsama - All of volume 3 has been translated, proofread, cleaned, and redrawn. All that is left is one join in chapter 16, and the typeset by jH from ScansRemix. This series will be finished this month, one way or another. I'm hoping we can finish it on Valentine's.

RealPG - The final two chapters are being translated, no idea if they're cleaned or redrawn yet, but we will be finishing this series in February.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - Viscoun seems to be rather busy of late, so as far as I know chapter 6+ hasn't been translated. Editing hasn't started on 6+ yet either, probably won't until 6 is translated.

Seishun Pop! - This is a new joint project that really happened out of no where. It's a three way joint between Renzokusei, For the Halibut and Japanzai. As we're just translating to help speed up its releases, I don't really know a thing about how the editing progresses. Haven't received scans for 21+ yet for translating.

Seven Sisters! - Chpater 6 is clean, but has several redraws. Hasn't been translated yet, but 6+ will be coming this month.

Sexual Hunter Riot - I'm pretty sure that we're only 2 chapters behind, but I don't know if chapter 12/13 have come out yet. Either way, chapters 10 and 11 will be double released this month some time.

Sorairo Square. - Chapter 6 and 6.5 are ready for typeset, and all that's left is a join in chapter 6. Chapter 7 is being translated, and the 3 of them are going to be released together. These will come this month.

Sora no Manimani - This series is on hold like Amagoi. unc'll be translating this series, but I'm holding on off on having him to do it until I've got all 10 volumes, and 3-10 scanned. It'll probably be a bit until releases come again.

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara - Chapter 18 is being typeset, but I will not be doing it this time around. After chapter 18, there are just 5 chapters left until its completion. I am hoping we can finish it this month, but after chapter 18 all the chapters are 32-36 pages long, so they will take a bit both translating and editing.

Soutaisei Moteron - This series, has unfortunately been cut fairly short, and ended at chapter 11 in January's issue of Dengeki Daioh. Chapter 2 is already translated, and is being cleaned, but it has a color page with some redraws, so it'll probably take a little bit until we get this out because I have no idea how I'm gonna get the color page redrawn at the moment. Chapter 3 has also been translated, so I'll probably end up double releasing 2-3, or releasing 3 shortly after 2.

Strike the Blood - This is a new pickup by us. ER, my main raw provider, is both the translator and raw provider for the series. He was doing it for Dark Murmur, but they went MIA and then after apparently coming back completely forgot about the series. I've been egging him on for a while now to let us do it, and he finally yielded. It's going to be a joint project between us and Psylocke.

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san - The scanlation of new chapters for the series is caught up. Assuming nothing incredibly drastic happens in the future, every chapter will, like before, be released within days of us obtaining the scans. I've no idea of VI's plans on the series, but I imagine given Zero's disdain for me, they probably won't be dropping it despite them always going to be after us. Like said in the release post for chapter 41, v2s of earlier chapters are on an indefinite hold for now.

Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life - The cleaning has started for this project. Much to the joy of unc and Seventy. We will be releasing the first 5 chapters in bulk, which will be this month some time. We have the first four volumes, and the fifth and final one comes out soon, which we will also be getting.

Avatar - Don't quite know when we'll be starting on this. It's up to 8 volumes at the moment, and the plan was to have them bought at the end of January and start in February, but haven't heard from Isaac in a bit so don't know if they've been bought yet.

Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun and Reideen - As said, roan's got exams so we haven't really started on these yet.

Hatoko-san to Rabukome - This is one of two new mangas that Yui Daisuke, the mangaka for Perowan is doing after Perowan ended. I chose this one over the other one because this one looks much better. I've asked roan to translate it after the final chapter of Perowan is released, but if he doesn't want to do it I'll give it to unc, as there's only 2 chapters for it out right now. Either way, we will be doing it. The author did the Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun light novel and manga and the author of the Onii Ai light novel and manga.
Kigurumi - This is going to be our third joint project with Psylocke Scans. However, translating is not going to start on it until RealPG is finished, as unc will be translating it. Luckily and unluckily it's a bi-monthly series, so while that means less burden on ourselves, it means a much longer wait inbetween chapters.

Kitsune no Yomeiri - I'll probably be purchasing the tanks for this series next month, assuming I'm not able to magically obtain scans before then, which is when work will start on it by us.

Puchi Houndo - This series has been planned by us for quite a while now. I still can't quite say for sure when we'll start on it, but I'm aiming for a February release. If not February, definitely March.

Puppy Lovers - I will be purchasing volume 2 of this later in the month, as the editor and proofreader for the manga over at Manga-Heaven agreed to help us out on it, as it's full color, which I can't do, so we will indeed be picking this up.

Yumekuri - We are picking this up. We've got HQ scans for most of the chapters, the rest has been scanned just not uploaded yet. The first chapter from us will come later in the month

Zetsurin! - Not going to be buying the first volume for this until March.

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  1. You're always so keen about wanting to continue "stalled" or dropped projects.

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