Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Perowan! Chapter 13

I really didn't want it to have to come to this, but given that jH (from ScansRemix) disappeared, reappeared to tell me he's alive, then disappeared again in the span of 2~ months, with no mention of the progress of Perowan's typesetting, I went ahead and threw the chapters at RZK's typesetters. This is still being counted as a joint with them, for reasons I listed previously. Because of the delay in the release, our initial plan of doing the volume in one go isn't going to happen anymore. The chapters will still come out fairly close together, just not one day at a time like we were hoping to do.

I opted not to include the volume cover and color pages at the beginning of it with this release of the chapter. When we finish the volume, and consequently the series, we'll release a download for the whole volume, which will include those pages.

This is a joint project with ScansRemix and roankun.

Enjoy the release!

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Mayo Chiki 25 has been TSed, but it was completed by someone else in the group, so I gotta do my look over of it, then get in contact with simhauu for the release. SHR10 coming later today, just gotta finish my QC of it. jag says probably tonight for Strike the Blood 5, so we may see 4 releases today. Probably only 2 or 3, but we'll see.

Our order of magazines for the stuff that came out in February finally arrived yesterday, but it arrived at nearly 9pm ER's time, so he didn't have much time to do anything last night, and his scanner is whacking out on him, so I don't know what all he'll manage to scan. Did manage to get Kashiwagi 42's scans, though. It has 4 color pages in the chapter, including a color spread, and the series was on the magazine's cover, so I had him scan that too, to make 5 color pages.


  1. thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  2. Thank you guys.
    I've been waiting for this, too bad you won't be releasing them all in one go as it was supposed, though.
    I'll be eagerly waiting for the next release.

    By the way, when you finish the series, will you also release the previous chapters bundled into volumes with their respective covers, or will that be only for the 3rd volume?

    1. I dunno about volume 1 and 2. While we did do all of volume 2, we used HQ magazine scans for the first chapter of the volume, then went to HQ tank scans. I imagine we might do it for volume 2, but would have to do a v2 of chapter 7 with the tank scans.

      As far as volume 1 goes, I don't know. We only did half of volume 1, as the first 3 were done by ScansRemix solo. The scans also changed in that volume between releases, and we don't have HQ scans for volume 1, either.

    2. Volume 1 is a lost cause then, but if you get the time, I'd love to see a v2 of chapter 7.
      But if you decide against it, would you at least upload the cover/color pages for it?

    3. I found a raw volume 1 on the web and it seems to be exactly the same as what you and Scans Remix have released. With the exception of chapter 1 which is clearly superior.

      If you want I can send you the link for it, this way you can group the index and cover pages with the already released chapters and do a full volume release, and perhaps even release a v2 of chapter 1 in higher quality *wink* *wink*.

    4. I have scans for all of volume one, since when we started the joint with them, we were using public tanks cans. But if we were to release it as a whole entity, I'd rather prefer to use HQ tank scans, rather than the LQ versions we used for release.

      Chapter 1 was scanned in HQ by jH himself, then apparently he stopped buying the magazine or something.

    5. Well but if you use HQ scans, you'd have to redo the whole volume 1, while if you use the LQ scans you already have you'd only need to redo the first chapter and it would still improve the overall quality of the release.





      I like this series but I don't think it's worth it the time it would take to redo the whole first volume with HQ scans, especially when there are so many other series you're working and/or planning to work on.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Thank you as always.

  5. I just did two lines in the scrip, maybe not even that. And yeah, I'd welcome you getting back to us. :) You might just make me start using skype more often otherwise.