Friday, April 19, 2013

Mayo Chiki! Chapter 26

Mayo Chiki 26! I'm glad to get this out (relatively) quickly after the last chapter, because I'm really looking forward to releasing the latest chapters of the manga, as it starts to get really good. Chapters 27 and 28 are already translated, so I'm hoping to get those out fairly soon as well.

This is a joint project with simhauu.

Enjoy the release!

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Also, I can not thank the several people who have donated to us enough. The readers are why this group exists, and continues to scanlate. The fact we have people who are willing to help us out like that means a lot. If In Bura does indeed end in this month's Champion Red, our cost for raws will go down next month, so once I know for sure I'll edit the goal in the gadget.

Highschool of the Dead 30 today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow.


  1. Super awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  2. Thanks for the release!

  3. Hi guys i just downloed vol 5 raw here :

    you guys have make a BIG mistake : skiped one chapter !!

    chapter 23 > 24 / 24> 25 / 25 > 26 / 26( this release = 27)

    the real cap is missing !

    PS: comic raw have a lot less censors ^^

  4. Why does it say in Upcoming releases that next chapter of Crime Edge is 20? You didn't release Cut 19.
    If you did, then where is it?

    1. I've said it before, but when stuff gets removed from both the release schedule gadget and the project status table, it's about to be released.

  5. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :D

  6. ETA on Crime Edge 19?