Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mayo Chiki! Chapter 37

The penultimate chapter of Mayo Chiki!

Joint with simhauu.

Enjoy the release!

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Sora no Otoshimono 77 is progressing pretty nicely. We are down to the last redraw, which is joining a spread, and it's half done. The initial cleans by Knight/Takuo are about 2/3rds done. Once that is done, I've gotta go through each page and do the burning not completed, and typeset it. Release will most definitely be before I go back to work, but when exactly is still a bit hard to pinpoint.

I've added a gadget to the left side for progress on Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara. I've finished the initial cleaning for chapter 20, and am making my way through the burning and redraws as I can. Chapter 23 is being cleaned by Dethorhyne, and once he finishes that I'm going to have him do 22 while I go through 21.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Much appreciated.