Sunday, April 20, 2014

Strike the Blood Chapter 12

Some Strike the Blood. This series is beyond low priority given how far ahead the anime got compared to the manga. We'll continue doing it, but releases will be pretty random for the series because of that. The anime was pretty great too, so if you didn't watch it, I suggest you do.

Enjoy the release!

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Hentai Ouji 26 and Highschool DxD 30 are the currently slated releases for next weekend. The lineup may change depending on if some things get translated/redrawn.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Thanks for the chapter!! I don't know how many volumes have been released in japan, but what about you go on translating the chapters from where the anime left? I don't mind reading these "first" chapters at all (I haven't watched the anime so it's fine by me ^^) but if you're not motivated you could simply skip the chapters in the middle... no? :)

    1. Not possible, since the anime is way too far ahead of the manga's even latest chapter. The latest chapter of the manga is 19, and we just did chapter 12.

    2. I think you are misunderstanding something, the anime and manga are both an adaptation of light novel.First ended at volume 06 of source, while second is in the middle of volume 02.

  3. Info about Nozomi x Kimio:
    Nozo x Kimi will resume in Shonen Sunday #26 (28/05).