Saturday, October 25, 2014

Itoshi no Karin Episode 18

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New day, more diabetes inducing manga. Latest Karin chapter. For those that have noticed that the chapter numbering is a bit ahead of what it says in the manga, that's because we're going by what the mangaka is calling each chapter. Horiizumi Inco tweets about every new chapter, and named this one 18, the previous 17, and so on. If there is a correction that needs to be made, we'll see when volume 3 comes out probably early next year.

Kashiwagi 61 will not be released this weekend to due a redraw on the opening page I'm going to have trouble with, so that'll have to wait until my offseason starts. If vhirx finishes the TLCs for Hentai Ouji 27-27.1 today I'll probably release those, otherwise Karin will be the last release of the weekend due to having to work the next 4 days.