Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Release

It's Christmas day, which means it's time to do the thing.

This is something I've been planning and working on since early-November, which was a bit difficult to do inbetween planning and working on stuff for today, and the stuff we released before today. These past few weeks I've done a lot more scanlation work than normal and definitely lost my fair share of sleep due to it, but it's fun releasing stuff, even more so when it's a lot. For the longest time I was convinced we wouldn't be able to get more than 5-10 things out, but the closer we got the more things came together.

Getting anything out would not have been possible without Demo, vhirx, roankun, and ap translating these chapters. And a very big thanks to the rest who helped out; ER (RP), Takuo (CL), Lost (Color RD), jagman1x3 (CL/RD/QC), Dethorhyne (PR), Lauk (TS), Zack (CL/RD) Shiori477 (CL/RD), josejr / rossiel (RD) from Okami no Fansub, and Nekozawa (RD) from Kensoe Team.

We're moving through quite a lot of manga now, thanks due to the mixture of a new translator in vhirx who has done quite a bit in his short time here, helping relieve Demo's workload, my basically full-time availability, and the help of Lost and Okami no Fansub/Kensoe Team for redrawing where I can't. It's been a relatively productive year, and even more so since late October, and it'll continue for a little bit longer.

Following today I'll be taking a short break from doing scanlation work because doing this downright exhausted me. There will still be progression on stuff by others, but I won't be doing a thing for a few days as I'd like to rest and catch up on missed anime/manga/games.

Today we've got chapters from 17 different manga for you. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the releases!

Chapter 7 - MEGA | IRC: !aquarium7 | Read Online
Chapter 8 - MEGA | IRC: !aquarium8 | Read Online
Chapter 9 - MEGA | IRC: !aquarium9 | Read Online

We now have 4 chapters remaining in volume 1 of Aquarium. Hoping we can finish up the series before I go back to work, since it'll be another 12 or so chapters in volume 2, and it's a really easy series to do.

Choi Hime
3rd tale - MEGA | IRC: !choihime3 | Read Online
4th tale - MEGA | IRC: !choihime4 | Read Online

One of our oldest series, here is a double of Choi Hime. The series is mostly pretty simple to do, so now that we've got the raws for volume 1 we should be able to get through it pretty easily.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Cut 30 v2 - MEGA | IRC: !crime30 | Read Online
Cut 31 - MEGA | IRC: !crime31 | Read Online

A series that's been heavily delayed, here is the v2 of chapter 30 and 31 so it's not just a re-release. Chapter 30 got v2'd because we were missing pages, and the chapter has 10 more pages this time around, it's also got an upgraded script. Chapter 32, our first chapter we're switching to HQ mag raws for is already clean. Redraws are pretty light as usual, so release will basically be once the TLC is done.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Step 19 - MEGA | IRC: !danmachi19 | Read Online
Step 20 - MEGA | IRC: !danmachi20 | Read Online

Joint with Norway Scan.

Double DanMachi! Releases should be a bit quicker from now on, as our redrawer problem is slightly less worrisome, and the problem now shifts more to cleaning, which for the time being is on my shoulders. I'm not particularly fond of that, but the hope is stay within 1-2 chapters of the latest, if not catch up.

Hatoko-san to Rabukome
Chapter 2 - MEGA | IRC: !hatoko2 | Read Online

It's back! After way too long. 3 chapters remain in the series, as it was a very short lived light novel advertisement. We will be re-releasing chapters 0-1 at some point for a batch release of its volume.

Ikebukuro Hatsu Zensekai Yuki!
#11 - MEGA | IRC: !ikebukuro11 | Read Online

This is a very long time coming, am quite sorry for that, half because of the color redraws and normal redraws, and half because of my terrible memory and forgetting we did this series for a time. A massive thanks to Lost, he did a fantastic job with the color redraws, as well as to josejr for the b/w redraws. We don't have the raws for chapters 12+ yet, but we should be getting them after the New Year.

Ver2.02 - MEGA | IRC: !ishoujo5 | Read Online
Ver2.03 - MEGA | IRC: !ishoujo6 | Read Online
Ver2.04 - MEGA | IRC: !ishoujo7 | Read Online

With this the second arc of iShoujo is complete! This is also the last of the WSJ raws we'll be using (yessss). There are 4 arcs in volume two, which we have, and will be looking to go through as fast as we can. vhirx will be translating the series. After that it moves onto web raws for the series.

Kin no Kanojo, Gin no Kanojo
Attack 02 - MEGA | IRC !kingin2 | Read Online

The chapter has been reuploaded as there was a page missing, thanks anon.

Originally wanted to release this with chapter one, since the two were published in the same issue of its magazine together, but the cleaning troubles made that too difficult. Also wanted to release chapter 3 today, but that idea was stopped immediately since it is 58 pages long. The series is luckily pretty redraw light not counting its numerous spreads, so releases shouldn't take too long to get done most of the time.

Niku Kyu!
Chapter 1 - MEGA | IRC: !nikukyu1 | Read Online

New series! This is a short, 2 1/2 chapter manga written and drawn by the Koisome Momiji artist Miura Tadahiro. It's a rather cute series, though given it's full color and chapter 2 and the bonus aren't light on redraws those will be the main factor in when it gets released. We have Lost who is doing our color redraws at the moment, but he's just helping us. Hopefully it won't take too long to get the rest out, as the remainder is translated.

Nozo x Kimi 2-Hensei Hen
Chapter 2 (21) - MEGA | IRC: !nozomi21 | Read Online

Here is a long awaited new chapter of Nozo x Kimi 2. Releases for this are finally going to start becoming more regular now that we've got volume scans to work with. It's going to reduce the amount of redraws a little bit, and make cleaning a lot easier.

Hey MangaFox/Here people, learn to read the damn status update post instead of constantly whining and bugging me about it.

Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi
#6 - MEGA | IRC: !ichino6 | Read Online

Another series released pretty irregularly, here is chapter 6. With this there are just 10 chapters left until the scanlation of the series is complete. We lack a translator for the series, so releases will continue to be pretty random until we can get someone to finish it up. The series definitely has its share of annoying redraws, but overall the redraws are usually pretty low, so if we can get it translated releases should be pretty quick.

Puppy Lovers
Chapter 29 - MEGA | IRC: !puppy29 | Read Online
Chapter 30 - MEGA | IRC: !puppy30 | Read Online

More Puppy Lovers! Just 4 more chapters remain in volume 2 before we head onto volume 3.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Chapter 9 - MEGA | IRC: !sakurasou9 | Read Online

Joint with Forgotten Scans.

New Sakurasou chapter after a long while! It has also now a joint project with the group Forgotten Scans. They're taking up the cleaning/redrawing side of the series, so that'll help get through that a bit quicker. We don't have a permanent translator for the series yet, but releases should actually come a bit more regularly now.

Sexual Hunter Riot
15th Legend - MEGA | IRC: !shr15 | Read Online

More SHR! Just 9 more chapters until the series' completion. Hopefully we can finish it before I head back to work, but that's a big if given the series' chapter sizes and redraws.

Sora no Manimani
Chapter 24 - MEGA | IRC: !manimani24 | Read Online
Chapter 25 - MEGA | IRC: !manimani25 | Read Online

And Sora no Manimani is back! I wanted to get 3 chapters of this out at once, as I got 24-26 all translated and clean, but 26's redraws were just way too much to be able to do. The series has a ridiculous amount of redraws in the first place, and then 26 just ramped it up. Part of the reason is that it's actually a Christmas-themed chapter, so that would've just been great to get out. vhirx is taking over as the translator for this manga, so there is hope for the series, and we will hopefully one day complete its scanlation.

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara
Chapter 21 - MEGA | IRC: !seiginara21 | Read Online

Unfortunately this is not the final 3 chapters like I originally planned. It is still a chapter of it, bringing us one step closer to the final chapter. Luckily though, the final two chapters are really close to completion due to originally planning to get them out today. All that really needs to be completed is the redraws, and they can be released. So everyone can actually look forward to the finale of this series after all this time.

Chapter 4 - MEGA | IRC: !zetsurin4 | Read Online
Chapter 5 - MEGA | IRC: !zetsurin5 | Read Online

Joint with Psylocke Scans.

2 more Zetsurin chapters! Just one more chapter and volume 1 is complete. The manga ended some time ago at 4 volumes, and we have all of them.

So what about the series that didn't see any releases today?

Amagoi - One of the series that was planned for today, didn't get the redraws completed in enough time. It'll be released once they are.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. - Lacks an actual translator. While we have Demo or vhirx who can step in where needed, neither are doing it as a primary series so releases will be intermittent until we can get a more stable translator on the series again.

Highschool DxD - I just got 32's raws a week before today, so while I did start cleaning it, it was way too late in the process to try and get it pushed in. It's a relatively short chapter though, so it won't take much to get it out. Chapter 33 on the other hand though...

Juukinzoku Kanojo - A series I initially planned on getting out today, the redraws weren't completed in enough time either. Once the redraws are completed though, chapter 10 will be released.

Ninkoi ~Karenbo Hichou~ - Redraws weren't completed in enough time. The chapter is mostly typeset, so once the redraws are finally completed, it will be released.

Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - 12-13 are translated/clean but the color redraws were a bit much, so I had Lost hold off on doing them in favor of some other things. We will be releasing the two chapters not too long after the color redraws for 12 are completed, though.

Saijou no Meii - A series I was really trying to get released. Unfortunately it's one of the few series and chapters I had originally planned to do that never even got translated. Nothing I can do about that if the translator is too busy, but we will be releasing this again before I head back to work next year.

Seven Sisters! - A relatively low interest project so this never really popped up as something we had planned on doing this time around. I do want to get more of it out, but as we lack a translator for it, other things will take priority.

Sorairo Square. - Another series I had originally planned on getting out today, but due to the chapter's redraws I eventually told Demo to translate other things instead that I knew I'd be able to get out. We will be releasing more of it though.


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