Wednesday, December 31, 2014

iShoujo Ver3.01

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Happy New Year's Eve!

To end out 2014, here's the beginning of iShoujo arc 3. Arc sizes in volume 2 are; arc 3 (2 ch), arc 4 (1 ch), arc 5 (3 ch), and arc 6 (3 ch). The entire volume is translated. Releases for this will depend on how fast I can clean/redraw the chapters, so they should be relatively quick as every chapter is 19 pages + 1 extra and redraws are usually light and simple.

There are some random extras at the beginning and end of the volume, which we will be adding into a batch volume release once we finish up the actual chapters.

The last 4 chapters of Puppy Lovers volume 2 have been translated, so we'll be getting those out soon. Not sure if I'll double or quad release them, but they'll be released this month regardless. Nozomi x Kimio 22 has been translated.

For the Suu Minazuki fans out there, we will indeed be picking up his newest manga, Plunderer, and work has started on it. Like it was with Sora no Otoshimono, it's a joint with MTO.