Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saijou no Meii Chapter 38

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Release number 3!

So after a ridiculously long wait, here is chapter 38 of Saijou no Meii. We will be going back to do chapters 35-37 later, but for now we figured we'd release a completely new chapter, or that was the idea until yet another random group decided to do a chapter. Is it that hard to just contact us about this series? I mean really. Either way, the series still has life here, and we fully intend on finishing the manga.

The main delay on this now is translation. roan doesn't really want to do it, but is still trucking along with it for the time being. The series is surprisingly light with redraws, so assuming we can get a dedicated translator for the series, releases would be fairly quick and simple outside the translation.

This will probably be the last release for the weekend, as I don't anticipate the Mushoku Tensei redraws being completed before I go to bed. A relatively productive week of releases, with 13 total chapters released, including the conclusion of Seigi nara. I will be out for work the next 7 days, and barring the Mushoku Tensei redraws being completed during that time, there will be no releases. Hopefully when I get back I'll have some more translations to work on as I've got another week off after before I head out for work every week


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Oh shit you guys are still doing this?!

    Maybe you could see if the translator at Blast Comic would be interested and you could do it joint-style

    In any case, thanks!

  3. I think you guys should seriously consider dropping some series or stop complaining about other people taking up the series. Your last update for the series was nearly 300 days ago, I wouldn't be surprised if other people started scanlating the series. Of course it's rude for them to not inform before hand, but you shouldn't expect too much.

    1. You're not wrong, and we have little problem dropping a series. We've dropped a handful of series. But we're only going to actually drop a series when there's already another group lined up to do it. I'm more than glad to /communicate/ with other groups and either give them a series or joint with them on it, it just requires well, communication.