Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nozomi x Kimio Chapter 22

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New Nozomi, yay! We're getting faster, albeit still a bit slow, since ideally I'd like to get about 2 chapters out a month, but the series' redraws basically will dictate how quickly we can get each chapter out, though having someone specifically to do the redraws helps quite a bit. Still would very much love to get some outside help on this series from another group, as we're just not equipped to keep up with ongoing weekly manga by ourselves.

With the release of this chapter, we're changing a little bit. We're removing the extra chapter numbers, as this is something that is not present in the volumes (which is what we're using currently), and is eventually removed in the magazine as well. We'll also be reverting to the original Nozomi x Kimio page on Batoto, instead of using the Nozo x Kimi 2 page. This is because at some point they removed the "2-nensei Hen" part of the title. The volumes didn't reset at 1, either, as the volumes for weekly started at 4 following the end of the monthly's volume 3. There wasn't much point to the new page anyway.

I haven't heard from or seen vhirx in a while so that's the current delay with a few things, most namely Tonari no Kashiwagi-san. Chapter 65 is clean/redrawn but hasn't been translated yet. We have Mushoku Tensei 9's raws now, and the chapter is clean with its redraws sent off. We should be able to get it out this time before chapter 10 next month.