Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shomin Sample Chapter 25

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Joint with DKThias and Norway.

Here's chapter 25! The b/w redraws for chapters 26-28 are all completed. The color redraws for chapters 26 and 28 are not completed, though. The redraws for the two are not simple by any means either, so I can't say for sure when they will be finished. There is a chance that the b/w redraws for 29-33 will be completed before the color redraws are. If that's the case there will be a lot of releases really, really quickly. Either way catching up to the latest chapter is not too far off.

I have this week off from work, but I won't be home or doing any scanlation work this weekend as I'll be attending KamiCon with some friends, and immediately following that I'll be heading to work. I spent the past several days working on preparing iShoujo, Shomin Sample, and Nozomi x Kimio for mass releases, though, so those will all at varying points see a lot of releases.

iShoujo chapters 9 to 14 (3.02 to 6.01) have had all of the pages with redraws cleaned and sent off. Up to 16 (6.03) is translated, so as the redraws get completed chapters will be released. Zetsurin! 6 is translated/clean/typeset, and just needs jag's final QC/RD for release. Nozomi x Kimio 23 and 24 are both translated. 23 is clean, and 24 has its redraws cleaned. I'm hoping to double release the chapters, but even if they aren't, they should both be released pretty soon. Seven Sisters is officially being moved to being an on-hold project. It has no translator and no one seemingly wants to translate it. If any group wishes to do it, feel free, just give me a heads up. Kimi wa Midara Boku no Joou has not had any new chapters in Japan since last year's chapter 9. Please stop asking for more chapters, as we can't release something that does not exist yet.  Niku Kyu! redraws are progressing still, and we're down to just 4 pages left until they're done and we can finish it up. Unfortunately we've still yet to get Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 65 translated, and 66 is now out in Japan. If it goes too much longer, I do have a backup translator for the series.