Monday, April 20, 2015

Renzokusei Scans' 3rd Anniversary

The group's anniversary is actually tomorrow, but I'll be working then so I won't have the time to release it then.

Somehow, we've managed to last 3 years as a group, and the longer we stick around the more surprised I am about it. Since it's inception RZK's grown to be a lot bigger than I ever imagined, and while we do have quite a bit of downtime for 8-10 months out of each year, we've still managed to release over 500 chapters and we're still going.

I don't know if we'll make it to year number 4 next April, because each year the amount of time I'm working and time I'm just away from home and my computer increases. The thought has crossed my mind about closing entirely, or dropping the majority of our series line-up in favor of having a more manageable number of series, because it's pretty clear that our current time available and staff we have is not enough for the amount of series we try to do. Ultimately though, we stay our current path simply because I still very much enjoy scanlating, and I just like all the manga we do too much, and want to see them continued whether we do them or not. I've tried to get joints on many of our series, or just give the series to another group entirely, but like us they are unable to or just don't want to do it unfortunately.

As usual, given that our group's anniversary is while I'm working, we don't have as many releases as I'd like to but here's what I managed to muster up anyway;

Choi Hime 6th tale
MEGA | IRC: !choihime6 | Read Online

Chapters 7-10 are translated. Gonna be trying to get a release of this out each weekend if I can, but it'll depend entirely on how available I am each weekend, as it's not quite as much as I'd like to be lately.

Harvest December Chapter 9
MEGA | IRC: !harvest9 | Read Online

The final 3 chapters of this are all clean. vhirx will be finishing up the translations for the series, so we should finally be getting this series completed.

iShoujo Ver6.01 - 6.02
MEGA | IRC: !ishoujo6.01 | Read Online
MEGA | IRC: !ishoujo6.02 | Read Online

The final chapter of volume 2, Ver6.03 is translated/redrawn and mostly clean. Release for that will be soon. After that releases will be on a hold until we're able to get volume 3.

Yumekuri Chapter 31
MEGA | IRC: !yumekuri31 | Read Online

Caught up with the scanlation for this now. The possibility exists that chapters were combined in volume 3 of Yumekuri, as the numbering in the actual magazine has been lowered a bit recently. This chapter was actually labelled 26, and the previous 25. We don't have that volume so we don't know for sure, but for now we will continue going by our number until we do get the volume and can confirm.

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 67 is translated and mostly clean. It's got more redraws than normal this chapter, but I should be able to get it out this upcoming weekend. The redraws for DanMachi 21-22 are complete, so those two will get double released once I get them PR/TLC'd. Every remaining Amagoi chapter is translated, thanks to vhirx. We'll be looking to get through that as fast as we can, but will be impeded a bit by the final volume as the amount of redraws it has increases.

For those not already aware, it was announced with the volume 13 wraparound for Gokukoku no Brynhildr that Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou will be returning to serialization this summer. It didn't specify when exactly, but regardless we are not far from its actual return. Our release of the bangaihen from last month just awaits a couple redraws (as I have zero ability in color redraws).


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  10. Happy Anniversary (Wasn't able to post due to being busy); I hope you keep working on these, been following for a few years and it's been a blast. But even if you don't I'd still like you to know these releases made my day pretty often ^_^

  11. Happy anniversary , im thankful for all of your enjoyable chapters and i wish you guys to be with us for the next year and next next year too :)

  12. Happy anniversary , im thankful for all of your enjoyable chapters and i wish you guys to be with us for the next year and next next year too :)