Saturday, May 16, 2015

iShoujo Ver6.03

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And here's the final chapter of volume 2 for iShoujo. We've ordered iShoujo volume 3, and iShoujo+ volume 1 thanks to a donation a few weeks ago. Sasuke's having some internet problems so I don't quite know when I'll get the scans for them, but we'll be able to get a good portion into iShoujo 3 since most of the volume is already translated.

We'll be uploading a volume 2 batch down the road. I'm gonna go over the chapters and make changes. I'll do the same for the other volumes we do once they're completed.

Yes, releases have been rather scarce from us lately, but that'll change starting next Friday as I'll have 9-10 days off. There'll be quite a bit put out then, largely because for the first time in a while, thanks to Demo/vhirx/Sketto, the translations have more or less been flying ahead, and there's a lot for me to do now.