Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adam in Puberty Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 of Adam in Puberty. Chapter 17 is currently in the works, and as far as I know is the latest chapter.

Freezing 184 is up next. All of For the Halibut's previous releases have been uploaded to our bot, so for those looking to download their stuff, you now can. I'll add a link later on so it's easier to get to find each pack number, and probably at some point add triggers for them, since as far as I know there aren't any for them at the moment; but for the time being you can get their pack numbers here; Their releases start at #1117.


  1. Thanks a lot for those recent updates.
    It may annoy you and I wish to apologize beforehand for asking that question but how are your plans with Harvest December? I'd be really happy with a short update.
    Just to clarify, I am waiting patiently even if it takes a year or so.

    1. I updated it in the latest project status post, but essentially I somehow managed to lose the cleans for chapters 11-12, so I've gotta reclean those, and I'm redoing 10 as well just so the cleaning is consistent for those 3 chapters. I've got a week off from work in August, so that's when I'll be looking to release them now, if I don't manage it before-hand, since as I said in a Kashiwagi release post, I've got a lighter work schedule this month, and more days off/time available.

    2. Thanks a lot for the update, much appreciated.
      Just take your time and do whatever you wish to do, guess most of us are really grateful. Best wishes with your work.

    3. Thanks for the new chapter and for the good news as well.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  4. Cud u guys scanlate the 1st page of chapter 4 of Adam. The FTH group hadn't done it. Here is the link:

  5. The guilty pleasure of the manga.