Friday, July 3, 2015

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 68

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Chapter 69 is translated and cleaning is mostly done. Things actually get a bit more serious in the chapter, so I'm hoping I can get it out this weekend as well, as thanks to July 4th I've got 5 days off. This month is also really light work-wise, so there will be more work done on stuff, which should lead to more releases.

Adam in Puberty 16 will be released next. I intended to release it two weekends ago, but work had other plans. Freezing 184 should also be put out this weekend, as that is ready as well and just needs my QC.

As far as things that weren't FTH's, most of the stuff is more or less just being delayed by both my and Demo's lack of current time. But I'm really hoping we can start correcting that starting in July, as my work schedule does get a bit lighter, and I've got another week off next month as well.