Friday, October 9, 2015

Computer Shenanigans Continued

So when things were finally looking like they'd get resolved and I'd be all set, I basically got a giant screw you to the face. I got my laptop back from repair a couple weeks ago. Paper tells me they replaced the hard drive and reinstalled Windows, and that they "thoroughly tested" to make sure that the issues were fixed. It turns out that the last part there was a blatant lie. As not only is the problem not fixed, but it's actually been made worse. In that I can't really temporarily fix the memory/disk issues anymore by force closing some things through the command prompt. So I've been once again playing a nice round of phone/email tag with Dell to communicate to them that they fucked up and I'm pissed.

On top of that, while I was contacting the data recovery place for my external, my company locked me out of my email because they have us change our passwords every 90 days, and despite me doing that, it didn't register with something somewhere, and they locked me out of my account. While there is someone to call to fix that, every time I call him he tells me to call him another day or he's on a flight somewhere and can't take a call.

At the moment I'm reinstalling Photoshop on this laptop so I can start doing things again. A few translations have piled up again so I'd like to get those out as I can. I only have 3 more weeks of work and my offseason starts, so once that begins I can really start working through a lot of things.

Maybe one day my issues will finally be resolved. I hope.


  1. It's gonna be okay! \(oo)

  2. Hang in there yo!

  3. I have a request. Is there any way to fix the "Project Deadlines" post so that it doesn't have a date of Dec. 31 2015? It's messing up my RSS reader and forcing your updates out of the queue.

    1. No.

      "This post is meant to be at the top of the page at all times, so it's easily accessible for everyone to get to. That is why it says "December 31, 2015". This will not be changing any time soon."

    2. So that is the only way to pin a post at the top of the page is by date jimmying? Who designed this website's pin-post function, someone reading HTML tutorials in 1998?

    3. It's a blog not a website. So, yes.

  4. Just when I thought the horror stories some other acquaintances were telling about Dell were exaggerated...

  5. @Derek
    It's like Dying Man Finally that BAKA! Kashiwagi acknowledged the feeling of love and we are not ale to see what comes next
    Right Now! I am feeling more anxious than that Damn Yoto

    Please Update Tonari no Kashiwagi-San

  6. You´re the unluckiest Guy I´ve ever heard of. Well, that´s the Main Reason I´m building my PCs from the scratch on my own. A defect on the Hardware is fixed in 2 or 3 Days and not 2 or 3 Month :D

  7. any info about this?
    did renzoku have a plan to do this? even if inko just do the drawing?

  8. I hope things have gotten better. It seems like electronic communications these days really are like the highways... everything is much faster, but they're also a bottleneck. Even something small going wrong can back everything up for miles until it's resolved, let alone a major accident. (・᷄︵・᷅) It makes perfect sense that it's going to take a while to unravel the backlog, especially since your company sounds about as logical as mine*.

    If you can, please continue to keep us posted - "Still trying to clear the backlog of tasks the crash created so it'll be a while yet, but no further mishaps" would be great news. You're as much a part of the community as anyone, scanlation** or no. We're just glad to know if all's well (or at least not disastrous) in your world.

    * - Officially, we have ridiculously-anal information security that requires password changes every 30 days, no portable storage devices allowed in the building (not even phones), all computers logged and all files routed through a central corporate hub, etc. We learn about the importance of these requirements in a training video that requires Flash. My brain gave up long ago. (-_-)尸

    ** - We're grateful when you unselfishly contribute your talents and time to sharing manga with us, but it's not and never has been your "job". Anyone who believes differently amply deserves the pleasure of intimate relations with a cactus.