Sunday, June 25, 2017

Aquarium Ch11-13 & Sora no Manimani Ch26

A lot happened to me last year and leading into this year, and it's incredibly personal so I'm not about to talk about it in the open. But regardless of that I'm not quite in the broken state I once was anymore. I've gotten back to scanlating in the past couple of weeks now. Those two Yumekuri chapters I released were something I did a while back but didn't get around to releasing, and I eventually forgot about them.

As far as future plans go, everything that's already been translated and given to me, I will be working on and releasing. It's not a terribly large amount of chapters, I think it's less than 25 or so, with many of them being the remainder of Amagoi. In addition to that backlog, we'll be doing the final chapters of Yumekuri as well, which will be released whenever Demo gets the time to translate them.

Other than all that stuff, I don't know what we'll be doing. I'd rather not close RZK but as I'm only an editor I can only do so much. Chances are I'll end up joining another group and just offering to help where I can. I've already started helping out xtostos with Wizard's Soul (gotta love Aki Eda).

Added download links for the Yumekuri chapters.

Chapter 11 - MEGA | Read Online
Chapter 12 - MEGA | Read Online
Chapter 13 - MEGA | Read Online

This ends volume 1 of Aquarium.

Sora no Manimani
Chapter 26 - MEGA | Read Online

I want nothing more than to do more of this series and finish it out but seems it's just not meant to be.


  1. Appreciate you sticking with these though I do hope you take some of these projects with you to wherever you head, really would like to see Sora no Manimani completed after all this time and your latest release gave me some hope again :D

    1. Or maybe at least try to find a home for it with some other group, again it's a personal favorite of mine that I'd love to see/read finished some day :(

  2. Thank you for all your hard work. So that means that u will be able to finish Aquarium and Yumekuri right? I want to see everything of Hiro sensei get translated :D

  3. Thanks for more Sora no Manimani! Really hope you're able to continue this in some fashion.

    I'd also love to see the completion of Tonarni no Kashiwagi-san, as the group that took it over from you originally seems to have stalled out with only a few chapters to go.

  4. Thanks for all your work. Can you please finish iShoujo?

  5. Thx for Sora no manimani chapter.
    Keep great work and take your time to translate