Friday, January 19, 2018

iShoujo v8.0i

MEGA | MangaDex

So I managed to find the volume scans for the rest of the volume in one of my dropbox accounts, so I'm able to get both this chapter out and the previous chapter, v7.03. This chapter is technically after the end of the v7 arc, but it had no redraws or story implications (not that this is a story heavy manga) so I figured this could serve as a notice that I'm still doing things. This version of the manga has 3 chapters left after what's translated, then it 'ends' and continues in the web version, iShoujo+. At the moment I've no plans to pick + up, but would at least like to finish the remainder of this, but have no translator for the last 3 chapters.

Also, going by the ending of the chapter and the bonus volume pages, it seems like this might have been the final published chapter in WSJ, and the remaining chapters after it are either a part of iShoujo+ or were created solely to fill out the volume.

With Batoto closing, at the moment we'll be hosting our releases on MangaDex. Will see how the next few weeks/months play out as there may be many more sites popping up to try and replace Batoto. At some point once both the main site and the Batoto forums close I'll have to figure something out as far as download and reader links go for all of our previous releases, but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.