Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sora no Manimani Chapter 20

I wanted to get this out yesterday, but there were too many redraws for me to be able to finish it before I had to head home. So instead, I finished it last night and I'm releasing it today.

This is the continuation of a manga that was dropped nearly 2 years ago, last release was 630 days ago, by the long inactive group DRAT. First read this manga a few months back, and once I got into scanlation, I had been planning to do this manga well before I created this group. There was an anime adaptation of this while it was still serialized, and the anime ends around the beginning of volume 5. Katsudon tells me he'll probably TL a lot, as he personally enjoyed the anime and enjoys the series, so hopefully we'll be able to surpass where the anime ended, and reach the conclusion of the series, in volume 10.

As this is a manga that revolves around Astronomy, there are a lot of terms relating to the science. So if you don't know what is being talked about, I implore you to use Wikipedia.

Mediafire | IRC: !sora20

IRC downloads working!

Kashiwagi 31 will be out real soon. By real soon I mean today.


  1. Thanks for this! I've been hoping someone would pick up Sora no Manimani again for a while. Good to see the astronomy network in manga form!

  2. Thanks a lot!
    This is what I was waiting today :D

  3. i'm just drop a tear.. thanks a lot!

  4. Thank you very much! I sooooo waited for this! You have my gratitude! :)

  5. Hello everyone!
    I'm Tamashii, and I was in charge of SoraMani during DRAT's existence.
    I already wrote a lengthy post on Red Hawk Scans, about what happened, and how much I'm missing this.
    I'm available, if you need a helping hand on the editing and typesetting department.

  6. Also, sorry to double comment, but if someone's interested, here's the Mediafire folder's link to all the releases of Sora no Manimani, from when DRAT was handling it:

  7. I could certainly use a better cleaner/redrawer for the series. I'll continue doing the typesetting for it, but I'm not the best at cleaning/redrawing.

    1. Well, then I'll send you a line on the Recruiting mail tomorrow!