Saturday, April 21, 2012


I must say, I'm quite surprised at the amount of requests that have been posted already. If this continues, I'll probably end up doing more posts like this, but basically this post is going to serve as a status update for the requests I've gotten.

Planned Projects
Omamori Himari & Puchi Houndo - I'm considering those two projects picked up, however I lack a translator for them currently. I'll probably end up having a random translator that I know do 1 chapter (or more, if they want to), at some point, but they aren't really high priority currently.

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho - I'm also considering this picked up, however I lack actual raws. SFS posted a comment on a previous post that links to Chinese scans of chapters 1 - 16, however the translator I have that's interested in doing this is J>E.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - This is considered picked up. I've got someone that is only slightly interested in doing it, so I'm still shopping around for someone unless I get a definite yes from them.

Possible Future Projects
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Himesama to Issho
Shiki Tsukai
H + P
Ru~mu! Room No.1301
Dokidoki Majo Shinpan!
Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku

Not Doing
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu - Picked up by Village Idiot Scans
Bambino! Secondo
Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu - I was actually going to end up doing this. I had a translator ready and everything, but after talking to Riceballicious, I found that the project is not dropped by them, and they are in the process of releasing a few chapters soon.
Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora - Similar to Kono Kanojo, I also had a translator lined up for this project, but it's been picked up by Rebirth Scans.
The Phantom King - Picked up by A-Team.
Legend Hustle - Still being done by Scantily Clad. Though I am interested in doing this, if it goes too long without a release.
Ojousama wa Oyomesama - This is a shoujo, and it's still being done by SimpleScans & HaruHime. 
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai o
VITA Sexualis
Bee-Be-Beat It! - Project still active at Japanzai.
Hammer Session!
Himekei Doll - This is a shoujo. 

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