Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Ch18.5 v2

Well, I said the next release would likely be Kashiwagi, but didn't really think it'd be a v2 of an earlier chapter I did. Anyway, I'm going to be doing a second version for all chapters 18.5 - 23 at the minimum, and likely 24 - 28 as well. I've also gotten permission from StubbornOne to redo chapters 1 - 18. I don't know when the re-releases will be finished, but they are not going to be my top priority because of work I have in my other groups, as well as new releases in my own.

Anyway, I did 18.5 now because of how short it is, and I wanted to see how well the new cleans come out. Plus, as this was my first release of the series, I was still somewhat new to typesetting at the time and I TSed it just.. horribly.

This release also serves as a notice that the series is not going to be continued under U-Prod, and instead will be released through my own group.

Mediafire | IRC: !kashi18.5

As far as chapters 29-31 go, I'm not really sure.. I think I'm going to be doing the cleans now, and not TDnF, but I'm not entirely sure at the moment. If I am, then I'll have all 3 out this week, if I'm not, then I don't know.

Also, for future reference, all releases from Renzokusei, including Tonari no Kashiwagi-san will always be 100% watermark free.

I will be cleaning chapters 29-31, so expect all 3 of them to be released by Saturday/Sunday.

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  1. thanks for doing it will be nice to be able to read this series again