Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sora no Manimani Chapter 22

It's been a bit since our last release of Sora no Manimani, but finally we've finished chapter 22! This is largely a chapter that was not in the anime. Aside from the last few pages that was in one of the specials, it's all somewhat new content.

Enjoy the chapter! Inching our way closer to completely new content for the series.

We are still recruiting! We have positions available for every job in the scanlation process, and openings in almost all of our series! Head over to the "Join Us!" page to see what openings are available for each series.

This is Renzokusei's 25th released chapter! 75 to go for 100! \o/

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Sakurasou Ch2 has been typeset and is going through QC. Amagoi Ch10 is complete aside from a few redraws, 11 and 12 are almost done. Kitsune no Akuma Ch1 cleans and redraws are done, just awaiting the translation and the join pages. I've been told that Oniichan dakedo Ch1 script will be handed to me soon.

The next v2 release of Kashiwagi will likely be chapters 15 - 18, as I've finally got the rest of volume 3 from elcausa. Now if only I could get volume 1 and 2 scans of the same quality... ;_;


  1. Thanks a lot, true!
    Really nice chapter!

  2. Thank you. I hope the project is still alive!