Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, my cord has still not arrived. It was originally going to actually arrive last Wednesday. However, the USPS decided that it did not like me, or something. To quote Amazon, the USPS "mangled the box and/or cord". So, they had to resend one. However, they were not told of what happened to it until Friday. Meaning it was not resent until then. It should be here today, but I'm not holding my breath.

Also, I'll be getting an internet connection at home (finally), so releases will now be more frequent than they were previously.

Anyway, quite a bit has piled up.

Omae wo OTAKU ch0 has been translated. Toast should have uploaded his raws for me, but I don't know if he has, and if he has I don't know where he did so, since I haven't been able to get a hold of him yet. Either way ch0 will be out soon enough.

EDIT on Omae wo OTAKU: Just found out that chapter 0 of it was released through a joint by Vortex and iManga. However, we will still be doing the series ourselves. I'm not going to have our translator's work go to waste. I'll probably end up contacting the groups that released chapter 0 after we release ours, but if we are unable to work anything out, as I said, we will continue to do it here at RZK.

Kitsune no Akuma ch1 has been translated. The cleans are long done, and the redraws and joins are also done. So once I finally get my cord back, all I have to do is PR and TS, and it's done.

The redraws for Amagoi 10 and 11 have been completed. So now I just have to TS those pages, and they're all done. Chapter 12 just needs the remaining typeset, and it's done as well. So you can expect these 3 chapters soon.

Oniichan dakedo Ch1 and Sakurasou Ch2 are still in QC. Though given how short onii ai's chapters are it won't take very long at all to do. Sakurasou Ch2 won't be very long either. It's already been TSed like Onii Ai, so just have to have to put in the changes and release it. We'll also be releasing a v2 of chapter 1 when we release chapter 2.

Ore to Ichino chapter 0 hasn't been translated yet. However he will be doing it today/tomorrow. The cleans and redraws are done for this chapter, so this will be out soon too.

ScansRemix also just recently send me the script for chapter 6 of Perowan, and I had half of the cleans done before my cord went poof so that won't take long to finish, either.

Basically, you can expect Omae wo OTAKU ch0, Kitsune ch1, Amagoi ch10-12, Onii-ai ch1, Sakurasou Ch2, Ore to Ichino ch0, and Perowan ch6 to all be out really soon assuming my cord does arrive when Amazon tells me it should. Kashiwagi v2s will also be released randomly in between all the new releases.

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  1. So unfortunately you still haven't received your cord. But it's nice to hear Perowan 6 and the other new manga chapters will be released soon.