Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Update

So, the USPS seemingly really does hate me. As it is now Thursday and my new cord has yet to arrive. Words can't describe how angry I am it's taking this long. Normally one would just buy one from a store nearby, and there are places around here that sell one or more of the cords my laptop can use. However unfortunately, all of the cords sold in stores here are $30 to $70 more expensive than the one I ordered through Amazon, which I am not able to afford. So, I am essentially stuck with Amazon and the USPS.

Some new updates:
On Tuesday I got internet at home finally, though conveniently as said, laptop cord has not arrived.

Omae wo OTAKU - Following me finding out about Vortex and iManga releasing Omae wo OTAKU, I contacted them and we have worked something out. First, we will be releasing chapter 0 through our group only. As I do not wish to waste our translator's work. Second, the joint is switching to Renzokusei and iManga. As far as I'm aware Vortex has stepped back from the project. I have the scans for chapter 0, so all that's left is to typeset it. For chapter 1, we'll likely be using Toast's scans for the series, but I won't know that for sure until I'm able to get a good look at Toast's and iManga's RP for it.

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san - Chapter 34 has been released in Japan. The scans have received by Katsudon and they are uploaded. However they are on an FTP which I can't grab without access to a computer with an FTP program, which I currently do not have. It will become priority number one the moment I get my cord.

Ore to Ichino - As this is a joint with Japanzai, and both myself and them wish to get this series out, we'll be searching for some people to do the cleaning/redrawing/typesetting for the series until I am able to get back into action. Finding a typesetter won't be that difficult, however a cleaner/redrawer will be a bit difficult to find. Don't know how much luck I'll have with the search, but we'll be doing what we can to get this series out there. I'm also a little bit antsy about it because I'd rather not have another new series of ours get picked up by another group due to my current issue.

Unfortunately I can no longer say with confidence to expect releases from us right now due to what's happened, but at least one thing from us should be out in the next week or so, barring me not receiving a new cord. I really do apologize for this whole thing, but there's just nothing that I can really do about it.


  1. this cord problem is turning into a serious business

  2. its amazon what would you expect XD

  3. I've bought stuff from them before without issue, so dunno what the problem is this time.

  4. Considering it's was long past the due date, you should have demanded expedited shipping