Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amagoi Chapter 10

Well, the original plan was to release chapters 10-12 at the same time, but not going to go with that anymore. Instead will be releasing them as finished. The releases for the 3 chapters won't be very far apart given the stages they are at, but I'd rather put these out when done and not wait. Could've put this out a lot earlier as all it needed were 2 redraws which Brennan finished a while back, but never got to TSing those last 2 pages.

Enjoy the chapter!

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We now have the script for chapter 2 of Kitsune. So all that's left are the cleans. Not sure if I'll be doing them, or if MoonWind will be doing them. Either way chapter 2 should be out some time this week.

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  1. I have raw for Omae wo OTAKU chapter 2 that just came out...