Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Haruwaka Chapter 7

Well, here's another chapter of Haruwaka! Was a rather easy chapter to typeset, so I slipped it into my schedule today. Rest of today will be filled up with Japanzai work, though. Anyway, like I said for the chapter 6 release, no NTR is in this series. Just a little troll work there in that ch 6's ending is all, haha.

A special thanks to Castellan for some TLC on a couple pages. And thanks to MoonWind for lending us his awesome cleaning skills for chapters 7, and 9-12. \o/

Anyway, enjoy the chapter! Only 5 more left until we're all done with Haruwaka!

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Next release will probably be another Haruwaka. Which would be tomorrow, unless I manage to finish my Japanzai work early enough tonight, then I'll do some more work on Amagoi and finish up a Kashiwagi v2. So if there's another release tonight, it'll be one of those.

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  1. I just realised that I've been reading the title of this as Harukawa rather than Haruwaka

    Oops... And thanks for the chapter