Sunday, July 8, 2012

Choi Hime Chapter 2

And another release! Here is yet another continuation of a series, Choi Hime. It is complete at 1 volume, 21 chapters. The chapters are rather short so they managed to fit it all in there in one volume. It's a cute little manga, and we will be finishing it, as Sjiveru agreed to translate it for us. This would have been out far sooner, but I had the most annoying time cleaning it, and eventually passed it on to a new member of the group, renkindesu, who is already a better cleaner than me. I am shamed. Anyway, big thanks to him for cleaning it.

Enjoy the chapter!

I know the credit page is a picture of Tenri from TWGOK. That's because there was no real usable picture I could use from Choi Hime for it, so I just chose some random picture from my anime pictures folder.

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Secret Project #1 will be out tomorrow. It's about 3am local time here, so I won't have the time to finish it up unfortunately. Haruwaka 6 should likely be out tomorrow as well. Also fear not Amagoi fans, as we have not forgotten about it! It just took a back seat to everything else, but you can expect it to come out this week, probably around Wednesday.

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