Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi Chapter 0 (Pre-Serialization)

Here we've finally got Ore to Ichino chapter 0! Unfortunately I didn't get it in on Saturday, so technically not 8 releases in 4 days ;_;. Details, details. Anyway, enjoy the chapter! Big thanks to Castellan for doing the translation, and Weaper for helping out aligning the join page for me, and doing the redraw on page 3. Both from Japanzai. This is a (relatively) new series serialized in the magazine Comic Alive. The same magazine as Iris Zero, Seikoku no Ryuukishi, Omae wo OTAKU, etc etc.

Short summary;
A romantic comedy involving Souji Shirosaki a student, who is in high school, whose personality can not leave out people in need, and Ichino Moritsuka, 16, a friend in the same class as Souji, who lives alone in an apartment near the mountains. Together, they discover they have strange psychic powers, founding a club game.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Choi Hime 2 up next! Then after the release of that, the secret project shown on the gadget on the home page. Also, even more thanks to all of the people that have been applying to us, especially the translators, as we already have a translator that will be finishing Haruwaka for us, and who will be doing a few other series as well. Kitsune and Sakurasou will have translators, and more regularly releases soon! So look forward to that.

I've contacted Angry Fox Scans about Onii Ai (for the second time), as I once contacted them previously about doing it, and was told it was fine to go ahead and do it. So not quite sure why they released their own, but yeah. I don't know if we'll be doing anything together, but an email has been sent. For the time being though, work will continue as if we aren't going to be doing anything together on the chance we don't, as I'd rather not get screwed over on a project for the second time in under a week.