Monday, July 9, 2012

Haruwaka Chapter 6

Finally we have a new release of Haruwaka! This is long overdue, but for the stupidest of reasons, our initial translator bailed on the project, and we were stuck searching for a new one to finish it up for us. Sjiveru was nice enough to do chapter 6 for us recently. Unfortunately I forgot that he had done the TL when I finally got back last week, so it took a bit longer to get it done than I would've liked.

Fortunately enough for the fans of this series, we have a new translator in the group who is doing the rest of the series for us. Chapters 7-9 have already been translated, and chapters 7-8 have been cleaned. Now that we have both a translator and a cleaner, this series will be taking priority until we finish it. The series ended at chapter 12, so it will not take very long if we continue our current speed.

The plan right now is to get the scripts and cleans for ch7-12, typeset them and then when they are all complete, release them back to back, one chapter a day until the last one is released. Though if the current translation speed isn't kept, we'll end up releasing them on a different schedule. Either way, everyone can look forward to more chapters of Haruwaka, and really soon.

Enjoy the chapter! Also, a little side note here: Despite how this chapter ends, it does not turn NTR in the slightest.

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We're officialy picking up 4 more series thanks to the quite awesome flood of applicants we have been getting, including several translators. These series are Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku, Puchi Houndo, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, and a second secret project which is getting an anime that is airing this year.

Given all of these new projects we are picking up, we now need Cleaners, Proofreaders, and Typesetters more. While we do have some people currently in our group that can do these things, we need more to help speed up the releases, as we are still a somewhat small group.

Not sure what release will be next, as there's quite a few series that are at similar stages. Regardless, everyone can expect to continue seeing very regular releases from us for a while now.


  1. just a note:
    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica picked up by
    Aoi Fureimu Scanlation

  2. It ended already? Damn that sucks.

    I liked it because it was similar to Kiss x Sis but not as soft...

    Ah well. Thanks for the chapter, and I await the rest :D

  3. Yeah, I saw they released chapter 1, Kyubey. But I wept at the quality of the release, as did some of the rest of the group. So we'll be doing it.

  4. Yeah, the engrish and the cleaning needs some work...