Friday, July 6, 2012

Perowan! - Hayashinasai! Goshujinsama Chapter 6

Here's our 7th releases in 3 days! Really excited to be releasing so much \o/. Chapter 6 of Perowan is the final chapter of volume 1. We've got 6 more chapters left, all of volume 2, until we're caught up with the current scans we have. Hopefully we'll be able to get more scans of the series soon, it's quite awesome.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Cast tells me he'll have Ore to Ichino ch0's script for me tonight, so if he does, expect that to be out today. Choi Hime 2 is being cleaned by a new member and then all that's left is a quick typeset. Haruwaka 6 is being typeset as well, so those 2 shall be out soon too. Will also be starting on the remaining typeset and redraw left for Amagoi 11-12.

We've also added a new series to our planned projects list, Oda Nobuna no Yabou. We are looking for about 1 or 2 more series to add to that list, as well. So if you guys have any more requests, just put 'em up there!

Also a quick thanks to all of the applicants that are interested in joining us.


  1. Great.Finally...
    Thank you very much, Derek. Thank you for the hard work for all the release!!

  2. I just finished reading it. Excellent work as always. Please keep it up. I'll cheer for you.
    Wish a good luck for you.

  3. If you could, I'd love to see Koharu no Hibi being released.
    Excelent work with all the series so far!

  4. Thanks For The Chapter!
    I Would Love To See You Guys Release Seikon No Qwaser

  5. So much releases.. amazing work! Thanks!