Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update #3

Well, it seems my luck may finally be looking up. schthaxe, the same person who bought the tanks of Kitsune no Akuma for us, has been kind enough to order a new cord for me. I of course will be paying him back for it. Anyway, assuming that I don't have the worst luck, it will arrive this week. The estimated date given is Tuesday the 3rd. The moment I get the cord, I will put up a post notifying everyone, so people will know right away work is resuming.

Very big thanks go to him.

07/02 Update: The cord is only about 45 minutes away in Tennessee. If it does not arrive tonight, it will be here tomorrow.

07/03 Update: Cord is in my town and out for delivery. Cord will be here today. An update will be posted upon receiving it later to notify everyone, as well as an update on the projects you can expect to see releases from.

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  1. @schthaxe: thanks for ordering it for derek

    @cord: U must arrive A.S.A.P /人;‿‿;人\