Friday, November 30, 2012

Harvest December Chapter 3

Here's another pick up of ours, that's been long planned, but never really got off the ground. Harvest December chapter 3! The first two chapters were done by Pinoymanga Scans in October of last year, but after that it was dropped. We'd been planning on picking this up for a while, but just never got a translator for it. Though seemingly continuing our odd luck, roankun volunteered to continue and finish out the series for us. Big thanks to him for the translations.

This manga is an adaptation of a visual novel, and it has ended at chapter 12. So unfortunately, it won't take too long to finish it.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday wishes yesterday! Was a very fun day.

Continuing the good luck, we managed to obtain HQ scans for chapters 25 and 26 for Pajama na Kanojo thanks to Jagman1x3. Hoping we're going to be able to get HQ scans for chapter 24 as well, but don't know for sure yet whether we'll be able to. Though at the very least, the last two chapters will be in HQ, so even if we can't get them for 24, I'm happy about that.


  1. Pinoy's links are dead
    but I found mirrors if anyone wants:


  2. Thank you! I love this series for its potential and had been overjoyed when i heard you might be picking it up! Thanks!

  3. Thanks. But I was looking forward to "Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou". Plz if it's possible continue it and release the next chapter.:D

  4. Thank you for picking this one up. I was worried that the translation of this manga would be forever discontinued