Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pajama na Kanojo. Chapter 23v2

Here's the v2 for chapter 23. Very big thanks to jagman1x3 for the HQ tank scans. Working on the LQ share raws for WSJ series is just not something I'd wish on anyone. Chapter 24 is being worked on and will be complete tomorrow. Released this v2 ahead of that because it didn't require roan's final QC since it's just the same thing as the previous chapter, with some minor typesetting differences and much better scans/cleans. Experimenting with a new credit page this release, as well.

I wish we could've started on the series earlier. Tank version is just so much better than magazine version.

This wouldn't have been possible without roankun, so be sure to thank him as well!

Enjoy the chapter!

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We've got a translator for the first couple of chapters for Mondaijitachi. I've had a few people ask, but the girl that's on the recruit page we're using, is from the series Mondaijitachi. Also, please stop asking about Kimi wa Midara. Kuma says he will do it, so until I'm told otherwise, I believe he will.


  1. So will you re-do volume 3 and thank you for finishing this manga

    1. Part of me wants to, but it'd be pointless to do so much extra work for such little differences between the two.

    2. You could just do the pages that are different.

  2. Upload the uncensored scans, plox.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. that uncensored goodness!!! Where's the stuff derek!!!!