Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So, there's going to be a rather unexpected delay in releases. Long-ish post so everything after the jump.

I came back home from work Friday night, to find out that my internet was not working. Saturday a technician comes out and finds that there's something wrong, so he has to call a different technician. That one comes out on Sunday and finds that there's some messed up cables somewhere, so that one has to call another technician and set something up to have said cables fixed. The cables were fixed yesterday morning, but the internet never came back on. So, call to find out that there's now apparently a 14 state internet outage, and once a green light goes on on my modem I have to call another technician to come into the house to completely re-setup the internet. My hatred for AT&T is really at an all time high right now.

Anyway, as said, there's going to be a delay in releases. I have absolutely no idea how long it will last, but if it starts getting too long I'll go down to the library and just release stuff there, since the library has a rather good connection.

I noticed Mixini randomly released chapter 9 of OZ. I don't know if we'll be doing it anymore, but I will contact them about the series.

Got quite a bit done these past several days.

- Seigi Nara 17 is ready for release, and 18 only has a few pages left.
- H2O 5 is ready for release.
- All of volume 3 for Perowan is clean and redrawn, except for one join. I hadn't seen jH from ScansRemix for nearly 2 weeks before last Friday so if he's still gone for too long, I'll probably just have the typesetters in my group as well as myself finish the series out.
- Hentai Ouji 17 is clean and redrawn. Hasn't been translated yet, that I know of.
- In Bura 6 v2 is clean and typeset, just need to do the redraws.
- I have Mayo Chiki 24's translation, I just have to download the scans and I can start the editing.
- Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 17-21 have been clean, and I think redrawn, but that was done by my lone cleaner in the group, madcat5.
- Seven Sisters 6 and Onii Ai 6 & 7 are clean. Though Seven Sisters still needs redraws, while the Onii Ai chapters don't.
- Hyouka 4 is clean. Don't know about the translation.
- Mondaijitachi's black and white pages are finally all cleaned and redrawn. The typeset will be done today/tomorrow so all that will be left is the color pages in chapter 1. Chapter 2 is 1/3rd clean, and I'll finish that up once I finish chapter 1's B&W pages.
- Hakoiri Devil Princess chapter 37 is cleaned, needs redraws.
- Harvest December 5 is cleaned, and redrawn.
- Billionaire Girl 6 is now completely clean. I got the pages from Kanapox last week but it needed burning and there was a page I had to clean because it was a bit messed up. It should be translated but dunno, since I gotta talk to unc.
- Juukinzoku Kanojo 8 is clean and redrawn.
- I would have started the editing for Yuricam but found that a lot of the pages need rescanning so have to wait to talk to unc about that.


  1. Thanks for the update. At&t sucks man. I had them before and not to long I switch to comcast. Way faster and easy to install.

  2. please scanlate hachiichi...

    1. You know there's a wonderful post on our forum that you can use to request series?
      I'll even go so far as to give you this link to it (me being such a nice guy):

  3. >using AT&T
    Normally I'd say it's the company's fault but, man. You're a fucking retard for even going with AT&T. No really, are you retarded or something?

    1. Not using AT&T because I want to. The apartment complex I live in, for some reason, doesn't allow cable companies. I only have 2 options for internet. AT&T and HughesNet. AT&T was the only one we could afford at the time, lol